Great Summer Toys for Kids

When the weather starts to warm up, it’s time to start thinking about fun in the sun – and that includes finding great toys for the kids to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites:

Water balloons – These are always a hit, whether you’re filling them up at the hose or using a water balloon launcher. Just make sure to have plenty on hand – they always seem to pop when you least expect it!

Dinosaurs – The Smithsonian Jurassic World Dominion Prehistoric Projector Science Kit is a great addition to any dinosaur lover’s arsenal. Kids will love projecting dinosaurs onto their walls with this fun projector! This kit features over 35 prehistoric creatures with fun facts and pictures.

Frisbee – A classic summer toy that’s perfect for playing catch or getting some exercise. If you have a dog, they’ll love chasing after the Frisbee too.

Sea Monster Kit – The Smithsonian Prehistorian Sea Monster Kit is another one for the dino lover in your family. This kit lets kids create their own sea monsters, from hatching the eggs to watching them grow. This kit should keep your kids entertained for months.

Sidewalk chalk – Another classic that’s perfect for creative minds of all ages. Draw hopscotch grids, quoted words of wisdom, or just go wild with color.

Wubble Bubble Ball – This super bouncy ball is great for indoor and outdoor play. It can be blown up to 24 – 36″ diameter and glows in the dark. It bounces around in random directions, great for burning off the energy of your little ones in the summer.

Bubble wands – These never seem to lose their appeal, no matter how old you are. Just add some soap and water and you’re ready to blow bubbles all day long.

All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback: This cool toy throws perfect passes every time, making it great for backyard football games! Just program it how far and which direction you want it to throw the ball, press the button and off you go. Your kids can play with a team or alone to get catching practice.

Lawn games – Croquet, badminton, horseshoes… there are so many fun lawn games to choose from. Set up a tournament with the neighborhood kids or just play for fun.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy the summer sun with these great toys!




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