Great Financial Gift Ideas for Children

A growing child gets harder and harder to shop for each year. Tastes change as often as the sun rises and it’s not always easy to find just the right gift. That is, unless you’re looking ahead to the future and finding the best financial gift ideas for the children in your life!

The options available for a financially sound gift may be daunting. There are a lot of factors to consider, like interest, growth, long-term planning, etc. and so on for what seems like forever! However, don’t stress about the little stuff. Here’s a list of some of the best financial gift ideas for children that can pay off BIG TIME!


One of the best long-term financial gifts that you can purchase for a child is a bond. A bond is basically loaning out a certain amount of money to a company, government, or states in order to help finance projects and daily operations. The bond is then repaid over a period of time, to include interest.

Bonds purchased as a gift is not only a great idea for small children, but a solid investment for anyone looking to make some long-term passive income. There are lots of ways that you can teach your kids about the world, whether it be from educational activities, or learning about financial investments. Purchasing a bond for a child will pay off in the long run, and will help to provide a more stable future for them as they grow older!

Savings Accounts

Another excellent financial gift idea for children is to open a savings account in their name. The gift that not only keeps on giving, but teaches a lot of really great lessons about patience, hard work, and goal setting. Gifts for kids don’t always have to be about bright toys, it can be about learning lessons and planning ahead!

Here are a few types of savings account options for you to consider as your gift:

  • Custodial Account. This is a savings account that you can set up for children where you will have complete control over until the beneficiary of the account is eighteen years old. This is probably best if the custodian of the account is a parent, or close relative.
  • Kids Savings Account. Major banks all around the world offer savings accounts for children with special interest rates for more long term growth. Check with your current bank about setting up a savings account for your child, or if they offer any special interest rates for kids.
  • CD Account. A Certification of Deposit account, or a CD account will be extremely rewarding for your child in the long run. Interest rates are generally a LOT higher than normal savings accounts. However, CD accounts typically have a window of withdraw. Meaning when you open the account, you can choose a certain amount of time (like 36 months, 24 months, etc.) where you can’t withdraw the money. Then there will be a certain window where the withdraw can be made.

Savings accounts are a great idea for children as a financial gift because it is a great way to earn money and teach patience.

Business Savvy

An excellent financial gift for children is to help them open their own “business”. This could be anything from helping them set up a lemonade stand, to helping them save up for a large item. This doesn’t have to be about raising money, though there are many effective ideas out there for raising extra funds. This can be all about having FUN while learning a little bit about business and hard work.

Let’s say your child, or your friends’ child wants a new bike. Then you can make fun goals for them to achieve in order to get that bike! Have them sell some old toys, old clothes, or open their own lawn mowing business. Make it a fun, yet rewarding experience! This isn’t your everyday birthday present, this is instead, a financial gift that will instill values into your child for years to come!

Financial Gifts for Children Can Be Fun and Rewarding!Financial gifts don’t necessarily be just for birthdays or holidays; they can be at any time for any occasion. Whether you are teaching your child about earning their own money, opening up a savings account, or making a long term investment for them, you are setting them up for the future!




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