6 Effective Ideas to Raise More Money for Your Kid’s Extracurriculars

Are you struggling to reach even the modest fundraising goals you’ve set for your kid’s sports teams, school clubs, and community interest groups?

Maybe you need to fundraise harder. Or perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at some indisputably effective fundraising strategies. Some or all of these six might fit that bill. Which seem most interesting to you?

Spread the Word About Your Fundraising Efforts from the Get-Go

The world is noisier than ever. You’ll find it easier to cut through the clamor and reach the prospective donors most likely to give to your cause if you give yourself a fighting chance from the outset. Before you make a single donor ask, set up a dedicated fundraising website (WordPress is super easy) and social media accounts. Publicize your kickoff event through these channels and any others your donors are likely to heed: parent newsletters, community bulletin boards, community meetings.

Get Other Parents Involved

You’re not a super-parent; you can’t do this entirely on your own. The experts at ABC Fundraising recommend surveying fellow parents for fundraising ideas and feedback, or forming a parents’ committee to brainstorm and organize fundraising efforts. If nothing else, this is a great way to meet your fellow caregivers.

Sell Discount Cards to Local Businesses

Donors love getting something for their money. What better way to make it worth their while than to reward their generosity with discount cards to popular local businesses and franchises? Look for fundraising opportunities that include these rewards.

Get a Free Fundraising Thermometer to Track (and Brag About) Your Progress

If you’re using a fundraising distribution network, inquire about a free fundraising thermometer that you can use to advertise your progress toward your fundraising goals? Place it in a high-visibility location and watch donors go all-hands-on-deck to push your cause over the finish line.

 Sell Goodies That Donors Really Want to Buy

Asking for a few bucks is nice, but why not offer something meaningful in return? Complement your discount card campaign by selling packaged goodies that your donors (and their kids) actually want to buy: snacks, candy, coffee, and other consumables work particularly well. Use your parent committee or survey to generate high-potential ideas.

Hold Signature Fundraising Events to Blow Through Your Goals

Not sure you have what it takes to hold a successful dinner fundraiser? Don’t sell yourself short! Planning an efficient shindig for which donors are willing to pay admission (and, perhaps, part with additional funds during the big event) is easier than you think. Make sure you’ve got the basics lined up: a large enough space, competent catering team, great food and drink, and entertainment that actually holds the audience’s attention.

What’s Your Favorite Fundraising Tactic?

These aren’t the only school fundraising tips worth exploring. After all, every club and team is a little different, and your fundraising efforts should reflect that. Before you begin soliciting donors, talk to your fellow parents and poll your kids to generate a long list of high-probability fundraising strategies. You can mix and match as you see fit, doubling down on ideas that prove themselves worthy and discarding ones that aren’t up to snuff.

Remember, you’re in the driver’s seat of your fundraising journey. When you put your mind to it, the sky’s the limit!




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