Grandma’s Fruit Salad

I was given the chance to review the Good Cook Cut Fruit Bowl in exchange for an honest blog review. That in no way shaped my opinion of this product.

Good Cook gave me this Good Cook Cut Fruit Bowl which is a Bed Bath and Beyond-exclusive item to try out. Considering I’ve been longing to make my mother-in-law’s fruit salad I felt like it was a perfect way to have an excuse to try my hand at making it. I got hooked on this little delight during one holiday I can’t remember which when I was dying for something sweet to eat, but we were trying to watch what we ate.

Momma made her famous Grandma’s salad. She warned me it was a lot of work to make it. I didn’t let that slow me down. I told her it was worth it. I convinced her to share her recipe with me for this post.

First let me tell you about this Good Cook Cut Fruit Bowl. This bowl is a three part bowl. It has the lid, the strainer portion, and the big green bowl with a spout on it. This bowl is HUGE! It will hold a LOT! Now I know you’re probably thinking what is so special about this bowl. At least I did once I saw it in person. However, when you’re in the process of making a fruit salad and you want to mix fruit juices together or drain juice out of  can it’s nice to be able to use the strainer portion and have the other ingredients separate. The sprout portion of the green bowl makes it easy to get rid of the excess juice out of the mixture once it’s all said and done.

I didn’t think about the fact that this will be a perfect system to use when I’m making my homemade mashed potatoes because I can put my peeled potatoes in the strainer part to wash them before I cook them, and then use the green bowl part to mix in my potato ingredients. Basically there are a lot of uses for this bowl system besides just making fruit!

Now  to tell you how to make Grandma’s Fruit Salad recipe. I literally felt like I was adding everything but the kitchen sink to this mix.

Grandma’s Fruit Salad Recipe:

Ingredient List

3 apples

3 oranges


I added two cups of coconut

One can of pineapples

1 cup of orange juice

A full jar of cherries and juice


1.) You cut up all of the fruit into little pieces. I left the apple peels on because to me it added to the crunchy effect.

2.) You drain all of your juices together into one bowl.

3.) I added in my orange juice to the juice bowl I had set aside.

4.) Pour juice mixture over the diced up fruit.

5.) Pour out excess juice using green bowl with fruit mixer in it with the lid on it.

6.) Add Cool Whip if you want. (To me it tastes good with it or without, but with the Cool Whip it has an even more special taste to it. I can’t quite put my finger on a way to describe it but it just sends it to the next level.)

This mixture is good for about 1-2 days. However, I assure you it won’t last long in your house. My kids were gobbling it up. I LOVE it!!

Be sure to check out my fellow Good Cook experts and see how they chose to use this Good Cook Fruit Cut Bowl.

Doesn’t this sound good to you? 



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  1. I love fresh fruit salads, especially in the summer when it’s hot and you don’t want to cook over heat. I love the strainer bowl. I’d use that often!

  2. We make fruit salad quite often in our home, and this bowl would be a great way to make a big batch for my kids. Love the spout on it!

  3. This is a lot like my grandmothers fruit salad…only she added whipped cream (real) and pecans. Yummmm!

  4. This bowl is awesome. What a great item to have for summer salads. I will have to try grandma’s salad. It looks so delicious!

  5. Nothing better, on a hot summer day, than fruit salad that has been chilled for a day. I love the addition of Coconut because I am a coconut freak. A tropical salad for sure.

  6. This fruit salad is wonderful. I would enjoy making it and bringing it to work each day for lunch. Wonderful fruits!

  7. That looks delicious! My grandmother used to make a fruit salad that was similar.Perfect for summer!

  8. What a nice fruit salad to make for the 4th of July. I’m sure my whole family will just love it.

    • It’s utterly good. It is a bit time consuming to make it and depending on your store’s prices can be costly. However, it’s worth every minute and every dime you put into it.

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