Grace Unplugged Soundtrack Review

I have been given the chance to review and offer a giveaway of the Grace Unplugged soundtrack from Grace Hill Media in exchange for an honest blog review.

I’ve been talking about Grace Unplugged many times over now. Now I get the chance to offer you the chance to win the soundtrack to this remarkable movie.

The Grace Unplugged CD comes packed full of wonderful songs. It is songs that are enjoyable to listen to. It has the power to give you inspiration when you’re feeling down and out.


The songs on the CD include:

1.) All I’ve Ever Needed by AJ Michalka

2.) Desert Song by AJ Michalka

3.) You Never Let Go by AJ Michalka Feat. James Denton

4.) Misunderstood by AJ Michalka

5.) Holding On by Jamie Grace

6.) Our God by Chris Tomlin

7.) Steal My Show by TobyMac

8.) In and Out of Time by Colton Dixon

9.) The Void by Nine Lashes

10.) The Space Between Us by Shawn McDonald

11.) Welcome To Daylight by Luminate

12.) Amazing Grace (Instrumental) by Josh Wilson

Grace Unplugged Soundtrack Powerful Mover

The first song makes me cry every time I hear it because I am reminded of how many years I wasted not being honest with my feelings. I ran away from so many people and things I should have done in my life that God was telling me to do. Del has had no reason to forgive me for all the heartache I’ve put him through. Yet, he has!

I believe that God has given Del a forgiving heart and a heart filled with love for me.  Del has showered me with nothing but grace and love. He’s done his best to love me like God has loved him. I’m not saying he’s perfect. I am saying though that he’s had far more reason to not love me than to love me throughout our life together.

I know how powerful the Lord’s love is to have in our lives. I know how much God will ensure we have what and who we need in our lives if we’re willing to follow his guidance. This CD reminds me so much of all of that. Regardless how many times I’ve listened to it, I still get chills throughout my body.

Have you seen the movie or read the book yet? 



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18 comments on “Grace Unplugged Soundtrack Review”

    • You’re welcome. You will not be disappointed with the book, the movie, or the soundtrack. All three are really worth having! They are definitely something worth sharing with any teenage girls in your life too.

  1. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but it would be a great one to take our youth to!

    I just wanted to stop by and thank you for linking your giveaway at the Friday Giveaway Linky at Satisfaction Through Christ!

    I’ve added this to my giveaway board on Pinterest and pray that it brings you some extra traffic and entries!

  2. I haven’t seen the movie or read the book yet but I am going to. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

    • I laughed when I read the part of “I’ll try to watch it” only because I’m pretty confident that the “try” will turn into complete attention on it. I know what you mean about “trying to watch a movie.” There are just some types of movies we are very leery to give a chance to because it’s not our typical taste of movie. 😉 If you do watch it, I’d be very eager to hear your opinion of it (even if you disagree with me on how good it is. ;))

    • Please do tell me what you think of it after you do get the chance to watch it. I’m curious to see your opinion. My father-in-law who is not a fan of Christian based anything totally enjoyed this movie. (It’s not to say he’s not a Christian, but he doesn’t like feeling like he’s being preached at all the time.)

    • I’m sorry that you didn’t win, but I still recommend you get the movie and watch it. If you like reading the books are just as good.

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