God Uses People In Our Lives


God has had several people and things reminding me that I need to trust in him more. The author of the Miller’s Creek Novels contacted me about doing a book review of her book five of the series, and I requested to do reviews on all of them. I’m so glad that I did. God is moving me in ways I can’t express while reading these books.

The first one on the list is Texas Roads (A Miller’s Creek Novel). It is about a woman who wants to make some pretty big changes in her life due to having to endure many hardships. She also had her faith in God shaken and lost for a period of time.

This is such a well written book, and it reminds a person like me just how powerful God truly can be in our lives. It reminds me that he uses people as his vessels to ensure that we know he is REAL. Plus it is filled with plenty of romance and downhome practical advice too.

God is alive. He is with us. I’ve stressed that many times over in my blog. However, I AM HUMAN. I do have my weaknesses. I do have my short comings. Yes, my insecurity and emotional battles is really my strongest battle I face and deal with. I pray about this issue a lot. It’s not something that I have been able to just magically say; “I trust in you God and I have faith in you, and low and behold, I’m full of confidence and trust.”

I do treasure her comment and feedback, and that is exactly what I’ve asked for! So, please pray with me on this issue. I’m not really looking to anyone to fix me. I do hope my faith will one day be strong enough to keep me off of this terrible ride.

Has God used someone in your life lately to talk to you? 

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