8 Things Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe and They’re all Available at Make Me Chic

Being in tune with fashion means having the right pieces in your wardrobe, no matter how few they are. From wedge boots, to leather jackets to printed pants, you need to get the right pieces so that when you dress up, you’re sure to have a striking pose every single time. Take a look at these 8 things that you can find at MakeMeChic.com.

1. A ripped pair of jeans. Denim jeans are basic pieces of clothing that never run out of style. Ripped jeans are the current fashion (which I personally can’t get use to!) and with the right fit, you can wear the same type of ripped jeans with sneakers, pumps or creepers. Go for light or vintage washed jeans (Ripped and Destroyed Cropped Jeans, $41.20).

2. Leather jacket. You need a leather jacket just because. When it’s your first time, buy a black one and see how it can instantly turn a boring outfit into a cool, rocker chic form. You see young women in Paris and Rome wearing leather jackets and these actually look good in them whether on jeans, short, skirt or dress (Spiked Collar Leather Jacket, $91).

3. Wedge boots. Sometimes, you need a unique pair of wedge boots which you can wear at a party or just about every time you’d like to wear them. It’s not necessarily the trend but a girl will always have that one pair of shoes she’s keeping for life (Qupid Enrich-151 Lace Up Mesh Wedge Boots, $34.40).

4. Printed pants. For once in your life, wear a pair of pants which you won’t be wearing in the next two months. That’s because it’s too obvious to be repeating the same pants in a row. However, a statement piece like floral printed trousers can be your ultimate chic apparel (Rose Print Trousers, $38.80).

5. Collared shirt. Whether it’s your regular button down shirt made with cotton or a chiffon type, own a piece of collared shirt that’s great for layering, dressing up or dressing down. It must have a certain design or print that makes it stand out from the rest of your top apparel (Ultra Glam Embellished Collar Blouse, $32).

6. LBDs. You need not just one but several little black dresses. They’re not only fitting in almost all occasions (product launches, dinner parties, funerals) but they make you look like you have a slim figure. Go for varying lengths and styles with your LBDs (Tulip Top Mini Dress, $24 and Off The Shoulder Jersey Midi Dress, $14).

7. Graphic tee. When you’re not wanting to dress up, a statement shirt like a graphic tee or tank top can save the day. Not only will it save you from looking plain rubbish but you’ll ultimately look cool when paired with jeans and sneakers (Its Friday Tank Top, $17.80 and Neon Palm Tree Tank Top, $14).

8. Sneakers. Don’t forget to throw in a cool pair of sneakers in your closet. You use high heels for just a few times a year and after ditching them in their respective boxes, you can’t use them again. Either they’re ruined or they ran out of style. Invest in a pair of sneakers you can see yourself wearing for years (Qupid Mitchell-01 Snake Wedge Sneakers in black, $44.30).

What do you think of these suggestions? 

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  1. I agree that every girl should have a little black dress. I have two and I love that I can change shoes and it totally changes the look of the dress.


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