Give The Perfect Gift To Your Accommodation Host/Hostess

When deciding on the perfect gift for someone, there is always an aspect of guesswork that goes into your final decision, regardless of how well you know them. But choosing the perfect host or hostess gift doesn’t have to be a complicated task, nor be simplified to a bland generic offering. 

Whether you choose to spoil them with their favorite pod vapes Australia, a selection of wonderfully scented candles, or the ultimate s’mores maker set, selecting the perfect gift for your host will quickly become one of your favorite activities. 

What to Consider

When deciding on the ideal gift for your host, you need to consider the type of event you are going to before deciding on anything. Hostess gifts for a weekend stay are typically more significant than a traditional gift for a dinner party

For smaller events, like a girl’s wine night or a dinner party with friends, your gift can be on the lower budget scale, while an overnight stay requires a more expensive gift, although you are not required or expected to break the bank. 

Furthermore, unless you know your host well enough to choose a personalized gift, it is best to stick to luxurious but more generic choices that are likely to appeal to a wide range of people, regardless of their likes and dislikes. Edible gifts are some of the safest options from which to choose. 

Gift Ideas

Regardless of who you are shopping for, many high-quality, thoughtful gifts are likely to appeal to a wide range of different people. 

Williams Sonoma S’mores Maker

Nobody can resist the allure of nostalgia, and nothing is more nostalgic than the humble s’more. Let your host enjoy this classic roasted treat all year round with the Williams Sonoma S’mores maker kit. 

It is one of the best-selling items the retailer carries and includes a roasting chimney, grill top, four stainless steel roasting sticks, and a ceramic tray. Finish your gift with all the delicious ingredients needed to recreate this iconic campfire treat. 

TmolosCo Personalized Charcuterie Board.

For a host or hostess you know on a closer level, a custom gift will always feel special, with the extra effort adding a wonderful touch no generic gift can match. The TmolosCo Personalized Charcuterie Board is no exception and is perfect for someone who loves to entertain. 

Not only are they incredibly stylish, coming in a wide range of different styles, designs, shades, and sizes, but they are also very practical and can be used for displaying a selection of cheeses for an afternoon snack, delicious sliced fruit for an after-dinner treat, a small selection of decadent desserts to end the ultimate dinner party, or a perfectly curated charcuterie board for a weekend of watching sport. 

Driftaway The Coffee Explorer Box

cup of coffee and beans

For coffee drinks and lovers alike, Driftaway provides the ideal sample box to enjoy a journey of taste through multiple coffee profiles. The set not only includes multiple flavor profiles from around the world but also a tasting form and flavor wheel to help the recipient better understand their tastes and preferences.

Decrafts Round Rattan Wooden Serving Tray

Sunday night football isn’t complete without a tray of tasting treats and delicious finger food. Additionally, Taco Tuesday wouldn’t feel right without chips and dip. The Rattan woven serving tray will bring a casual style and immense functionality to your host’s table. 

Available in three handy sizes to suit anyone’s needs, many reviewers rave about the tray’s fantastic versatility, solid construction, and decorative style. Use it as a starter collection tray or the ideal serving platter for drinks by the pool. 

Brooklinen Candle Set

Candles are on par with wine and flowers, making them an excellent hostess gift. Brooklinen Candle Set is a selection of beautiful hand-poured, clean-burning candles that come in a range of enticing smells, including floral, musky, fresh, and earthy. 

This gift will take slightly more thought and consideration as you will want to choose a selection of scents you know your hostess will enjoy. Work their opinion into general conversation, or take a look at their scent collection the next time you visit to gain insight into what they like. 

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Most people will likely have a collection of traditional cookbooks on their bookshelf. But very few have a cocktail recipe book, let alone an assortment from which to choose. The literary-inspired libation guide, ‘Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist,’ is the ideal gift for any host or hostess who enjoys hosting dinner parties or experimenting with delicious and clever cocktail recipes.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

The Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge ice mold is a cool-looking and clever gift for cocktail lovers and whiskey connoisseurs. The silicon mold is designed to fit perfectly in the Old Fashioned Tumbler, providing the perfect amount of ice to chill your drink. 

This simple gift will level up their bar cart game and impress future guests, yourself included. And the best news is, as the ice melts, the silicon mold keeps it safely enclosed, preventing your drink from becoming diluted. 



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