Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents

Want to surprise nana and poppa with something special? Forget the ubiquitous ‘World’s Best Grandpa’ mugs and check out these uber-cool gift ideas for your grandparents!

 A spa voucher:

Your grandparents are a probably a little stiff after playing with you and baby-sitting you for so many years. Surely, they will appreciate a relaxing day at the spa. There is nothing like a soothing Jacuzzi and a rejuvenating massage to re-energize the mind and body. Your grandparents spoilt you rotten as a baby and maybe they still do. Now it is your turn to return the favor.

A canvas printed photo of the grandkids:

Family is often hugely important to grandparents, so what could be a better present than something they can hang in their home to enjoy every time they walk past it? Get the best photo you have of the kids with their grandparents, get it printed on canvas, and send it over as a present. An example of what these canvas prints look like, is below:

Give them a make-over:

Do you feel that your grandparents need a lesson or two in style? Have a stylist do a make-over for them. Your old folks will look several years younger with a new hairstyle, brand new clothes and some urbane footwear. Top it all with a family dinner or get-together. Everybody will be pleasantly surprised with your grandparents’ new image and will shower them with compliments.

A gardening set:

Do your grandparents take a special interest in gardening? If yes, then this is the perfect gift for them. Not only is gardening great for physical health, but a recent study (conducted by the Bakker Spalding Company) has revealed that it is immensely beneficial for mental well-being too. Also, your grandparents will really enjoy showing off their flowers, herbs and veggies to their friends and family.

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Anywhere fireplaces:

As children, your grandparents probably lived in or at least visited homes that had traditional fireplaces. Now, you can bring the same warmth, drama and comfort of a fire to a contemporary home without making extensive renovations. Modern fireplaces can be installed in under fifteen minutes. They do not need a chimney – in fact, they can be installed on a table top in minutes. Most importantly, they function on bio-fuels and do not create too much heat. Some of these fuels even mimic the crackling sound of wood! This is a thoughtful, unique and relatively inexpensive gift option. A basic fireplace costs just over a hundred bucks.

A yoga, dance or water-aerobics class membership:

These activities are fun and they enable older people to exercise without exerting too much strain on joints and muscles. They also give your grandparents a chance to socialize and make lots of new friends. Thus, they will be healthy AND happy!

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Get them a pet.

If your grandparents love animals and could use some company. It does not have to be something very high maintenance – a kitten or a pup will have them beaming with joy! You can take care of the little one if your grandparents have to leave town for a couple of days. Ask your parents if this is a good idea.

A tablet or webcam:

A tablet with a front camera will enable you to make video calls to your grandparents. This is a great option if you live far and cannot visit them often. If your grandparents are technically savvy and already own tabs and smartphones, gift them a DVD/Blu-Ray set and some of classic movies. The old films will take them on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

A ride around town in a vintage car:

Want to create an experience that your grandparents will remember forever? Take them for a ride in a classic, muscle or vintage car. Chances are, your grandpa dreamt about these vehicles as a youngster. Make his dream come true! Grandma won’t mind a ride in a ritzy automobile, especially if it reminds of her young days.

Personally made greeting cards, personalized calendars, albums, kitchenware, cuff-links, ties, wallets, purses, hats, vacation vouchers, jewellery, clothes etc. – all make excellent gifts. Your grandparents’ hobbies and interests are very good indicators of the gifts that they will truly appreciate!

Always remember to respect your grandparents and spend quality time with them!




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  1. Getting a gift for my grandparents is so hard, because they really don’t have any hobbies. I usually just take them out to lunch, or do something else fun with them in place of a gift. They love spending the time together much more than anything I could give them. (Or that’s what they tell me anyways, and I’m sure it’s true! 🙂

  2. Great post, Crystal – I never know what to get “the grands” 😉
    Thanks for sharing it over at Coffee & Conversation this week!!

  3. Thanks for these great ideas! It’s hard to find (or think of) gift ideas for grandparents! We’re so glad you linking up with us on Hip Homeschool Moms. 🙂


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