You Only Get One…

I’m taking on the Blog Dare . I’m treating it like you would the Five Minute Friday posts because I want to ensure that I actually share a part of my soul with you. I hope you enjoy reading these posts.

You Only Get One Chance To Raise Them

My kids are growing faster than a race car goes around a track. I am in total amazement that I now have a 10,6, and 2 year old on my hands. I was watching them play outside today with total wonderment. My oldest was taking everything he could get his hands on and making a “little fort” for himself. My middle child was riding his bike like he’s some Turbo character. My daughter was just thrilled to be playing in the dirt and running through the wind and enjoying the wind blowing her hair.

All I could think about is times like these are precious. They are the moments they’ll remember. They are the moments that will stand out to them when they are a grown adult. Chances are high they won’t be able to tell me what year they got what present.

With the exception of 1993, when I got Tripp, my horse and the year my Dad sent me my rope gold chain necklace with a horse on it’s hind legs charm. I could not begin to tell you what I’ve received at Christmas time any other year. All the rest of the years are a blur of a memory. I have no clue whose house I was at or what I got.

I can tell you about the times I had fun outside. I can tell you about the trips I went on as a kid. I can tell you about the heart to heart talks I’ve had with my parents, grandparents, and other adults in my life.

That is what I want my kids to remember. I want them to remember the love I have for them. I want them to remember that I was strict because I love them. I was willing to give up high paying positions to be there to raise them and to teach them. I want them to treasure our trips we’ve taken.

Our kids rely on us to teach them all they need to know in life. Our kids only grow up once. Once those 18 years are gone, there is no turning back the clock. There is no getting a second chance to have a lasting impression on the type of person they are going to grow up to be.

You Only Have One Life

I stressed the other day about how much stress we place on ourselves, and how it concerns me. We’re all going into these holiday celebrations over the next week. Many of us are stressed to the max over it. Many people have literally been feeling the weight of it all to the point that they are sick.

Trust me when I say no one will remember the fancy decorations, the fancy feast you’ve prepared, and chances are high those gifts you’ve placed so much thought and money into will one day become a fleeting memory. What they will remember is how you treated them when you were with them! What they will remember is the memories you created while you were together.

Now I’m not saying that gifts don’t mean a darn thing because there are plenty of items that I have that hold a lot of sentimental value and I treasure them dearly. However, if I could trade them for more time with my mom right now I’d do it in a second. If I could have had more time with her while she was living, it would have meant the world to me. Instead, both of my parents were always after that ultimate dollar or their next big date.

I always felt like an after thought. I was always left to fend for myself. Holidays have grown to me so little to me it’s not even funny. So, in some ways, I may sound like a big Scrooge over Christmas. I’m sorry if that’s the case. Trust me though, I do treasure being able to enjoy the holidays with my family.

I love seeing my kids delight over opening their presents. I love being able to enjoy my husband’s holiday feasts that he makes every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love being able to focus solely on the family.

That is what I think of when I hear the terms: You only have one…


What do you think of when you hear: You only have one…? 




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