Freaky Weather and Global Warming

I’ve said this I believe every year for some time now, but our weather with each passing year seems to be getting more off track. Let’s take this year for example, here we are two days away from Christmas and we’re still getting WARM weather. It’s been raining a lot and there’s still more rain on the way.

One of my close friends moved back here from Australia not too long ago, and I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with her the other day. She couldn’t get over how nice of weather we were having here. She made the comment that right now it’s summer in Australia. Right now comfort is really important in Sydney summer.

Despite my knowledge of the differences in the way we live in different parts of the world, it’s still hard to imagine it being summer somewhere else while we are supposed to be dealing with cold winter months. Of course, that’s the part that puzzles me a lot is the fact that we’re still dealing with mighty warmer temperatures for this time of year. Even Ohio isn’t getting as much snow as they typically get.

I can’t help but wonder if we are truly killing our world with our actions? We aren’t taking care of Earth to well. I am concerned about what kind of world we’re leaving for our kids. I hope we find a way to make a difference across the whole world before it’s too late.

What are your thoughts on global warming? Do you think it’s an issue we even need to worry about?




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