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This is one heck of a good movie. I’ve said it before I love dance movies with a passion. I wish I could dance on a regular bases in the type of settings in this movie. I literally use to go to the dance clubs by myself when I was single. I drove for two hours one way to go to a “country” dance club by MYSELF. I was so insecure that I literally didn’t talk to anybody while I was there, but I still had a blast.

This movie was good because not only was it about dancing, but it taught a valuable lesson or two along the way. This teenage boy just wanted to make a positive change in his life. He took a chance and stood up for what he believes in. In life we have to do that quite often in many different forms and fashions. It takes people being a guiding light in order for someone else to find their way in this crazy messed up world.

I mentioned in my prior blog that kids can teach adults things as well. This movie definitely proved that point. It took a strong willed teenager to make a stand to help a grown man to realize that he needed to go into the next stage of his life and “dance.” There is a time for all things in our lives.
My mom always dedicated this song to me when I was overcoming a hardship in my life:

This song literally became my motto through a lot of things in my life. This song definitely says a lot of truthful things about how we should live our lives. Even in the Bible it states there is a time to dance.
This movie made the boys and I laugh and even cry in some scenes. I highly recommend it!!! There are a few cuss words in it and some violence, but it’s nothing to major.
I hope you dance!! We only have today guaranteed to us, and we need to make an impact while we’re here.



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