First 24 Hours of Being Home….

It has been a LONG 24 hours so far!! Zeva has been definitely taking in as much as she can since we’ve been home. She was pretty active yesterday. She started to have diarrhea about 11:30pm, which she didn’t have that problem in the hospital. She stayed up most of the night last night and requested plenty of food. However, this morning, she just wanted to sleep all morning. She didn’t even want to wake up for her feeding times today. So, about 2pm, I started to get worried about her, and called the doctor. The doctor stated she is lactose intolerant. So, we had to just run into town and buy a different kind of formula. She is being tested for jaundice. So far, she’s right at the borderline of being an issue. She goes back in on Monday morning for another test. Hopefully between now and Monday we can get it down. I’ve been praising God that the sun was out today. We have sun all day tomorrow too. 🙂

Del and I agreed on a set schedule of what we were going to do, but that didn’t happen last night. To Del’s credit, he’s been working a lot over the past couple of days both at the house and for work itself. He hasn’t been getting a couple hours worth of sleep at a time like I have been. I’ve been in the hospital sleeping while he’s been working. Plus I was granted the chance to take a long nap yesterday afternoon too. So, even though I ended up staying up with Zeva most of the night last night, and started to get upset. I took a step back and thought about it, and realized I was in the wrong for even thinking like that!!

I finished my last final yesterday. I don’t know if I did well enough to pass the class, but I at least went to the finish line. I didn’t just quit without giving it  solid effort. Luckily my professor let me have an extension on the final exam. The other class, I know I passed with a high B for sure.

I’m giving Jimmy off until Tuesday when we have no appointments and Friday of next week to do his school work. However, he only has a seven lessons to complete. Once he gets rolling good, he usually does fantastic and knocks his work out in a timely manner, WHEN HE WANTS to.

Peppermint made me very proud. She has been calm and gentle with Zeva. She hasn’t gone crazy around her and is being extremely considerate of the fact that we need her to be gentle. I’m so utterly glad over that fact because she is a big part of our family!!!!

Well, I need to run. I’ll be posting more pictures of the family in tomorrow’s blog. 🙂 I hope everyone is ready for Christmas. 🙂




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