Finish Out Your Summer with These Movies

I have been given the chance to review a good many of these movies in exchange for an honest blog review, but that in no way shaped my opinion of these movies.

Kids Movies

Littlest Pet Shop: Strike a Pose– Zeva loves these little movies. She has had the chance to review a couple Littlest Pet Shop them already and every time she becomes glued to the TV. This one was no exception.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends- Top Gear Trucks– Delbert LOVES his Chuck and Friends with a passion. He is a huge fan of Chuck. I have to admit that I love these little shows myself because I love the lessons that are taught in this shows.

Transformers Energon: Volume One– Jimmy LOVES Transformers. Anything to do with Transformers is a huge hit for him. He still hasn’t outgrown his love of them. In fact, he was talking about getting a tattoo with Optimis Prime on it when his Daddy got his tattoo. I chuckled and told him that he may not feel that way when he’s old enough to get a tattoo.

Power Rangers Turbo: Volume One– All of my kids love the Power Rangers. I think they have all picked which character they are for each episode. They get really wrapped up in watching these shows every time.

Movies For the Adults and Families

The Perfect Summer– This is a really great family movie to watch together. It gives loads inspiration and hope. It is about a 17 year old kid and his mom moving to live with her father. It is primarily about teaching us not to give up on ourselves and on family. We loved watching this movie.

When Calls The Heart: The Dance– I am in love with the When the Calls the Heart series a lot. It is wholesome entertainment. To me it shows courting in the proper manner, and that’s what makes it a perfect love story. My kids love this series too.

Veil of Tears: Hope Is On The Way– This is a documentary of the untold stories of millions of women in India that are persecuted just because they are women. I’m not a huge documentary fan at all. However, I did find this to be heart wrenching but interesting at the same time. You probably don’t want to watch this one with your kids.

Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club– I love Tyler Perry’s work! I’ve tried to watch every one of his movies and plays through the years. I didn’t miss this one, and I’m glad that I didn’t. I love it. I feel it’s a great girl’s night movie. This is NOT a kid friendly movie though.

Heaven is Real- This movie is really good. Since my accident in 2006, I truly believe that heaven is as real as it comes! I know God talks to me, and he tells me things that I didn’t have any way of knowing without him telling me.

I hope you enjoy some of these movies too with your kids and family.

What has been your favorite movie of the summer? 



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    • I actually just got the chance to rent this movie today. I hope to watch it before the end of the day, but if not it will be by the end of the weekend. Thank you for sharing your favorite movie with us so that I know it is truly worth watching. 🙂

  1. (FINISH OUT YOUR SUMMER WITH THESE MOVIES/KIDS MOVIES) These are all great kids movies to enjoy with them this summer. We have checked out a few of them listed up above.


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