FIAT 500 It’s More Than I Thought

I am a huge car lover. My Dad installed that trait in me from the time I was young girl by taking me to car shows. As a result, I do tend to pay attention when I see new car commercials come on TV. Lately, they have been making them flashy and really flamboyant. Fiat seems to be the king of making some of the most eye catching commercials.
For as much as their commercials catch my attention, I have never paid that much attention to the actual vehicle itself. Other than to say that it reminds me of Zeva’s toy car. I use to joke that if I wanted to remember my toddler years while I’m driving I just need to get a Fiat car.

Reedman-Toll FIAT of Langhorne, PA created an awesome little video really showcasing the FIAT car in a positive light. I must admit after watching the FIAT Fever video I looked at the FIAT car in a totally different light. 
Did you notice the amount of room in the FIAT 500 car? What about that sunroof? It’s like a small sports car that you know could glide in and out of traffic with very little trouble. I love that it seems to have a lot more room in it than you would think looking at it from the outside.
The 2015 FIAT 500 start out at a low rate of $19,095. They get a whopping gas mileage of 27 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on the hwy. That is some impressive stats in my book. I’m all about saving money on fuel. I believe this car could really get up and move if I asked it too as well. I think a person could get quite a nice car for their money by getting the FIAT 500 car. I know Reedman-Toll FIAT of Langhorne, PA would love to take care of helping you get one.
What are your thoughts on the FIAT 500 car?




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  1. My thoughts are that anything not GM is good these days with all the recalls. We like a small car like a Fiat that is easy to maneuver in and out of traffic and park.


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