4 Things To Do in Covington, GA

I enjoy making mythical trips for our family in hopes of one day being able to actually go explore the places that I find that would be worth visiting. Since I’m here in the South, I love to explore in our southern towns across the US. Tonight I found out that Covington, GA has plenty of things to offer its tourist.
I’m also a stickler for trying out cars while I’m on vacation to see how the cars will really work in our family lifestyle. Since Covington, GA is home to the Ginn Chevrolet dealership filled with many new and used Chevy cars that I know I would ardor to try out I would have to stop there first and pick out a car to take for a family test drive event. Right now, they are currently hosting their End of the Year Savings Event, and it would be the perfect time to make a trip to Covington, GA.

Things to Do in Covington, GA

Mystic Falls Tours- I am a huge fan of Vampire Diaries. I would love to go explore the sets of this show because I find them interesting. It would be fun to take pictures of the kids and me there.
Georgia Aquarium- We love aquariums in our family. Every aquarium has something different to offer. Its home of the Beluga and Friends Interactive Program. All of this looks quite educational and entertaining.
Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center- The kids and I love to explore the natural wildlife. I believe we’d have a lot of fun taking advantage of the many activities that they have to offer.
Yellow River- A trip to Covington, GA wouldn’t be complete unless we were to take a lazy canoe trip down the Yellow River.
Then we’d have to take a sunset right through the countryside before we returned our test vehicle back to the Ginn Chevy dealership. If it passed the test of the family outing, then I’d be sure to dig into the End of Year Savings Event deals with the salesmen.
What are some other things you think we should do in Covington, GA?




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    • If you ever really want to make a trip to GA, I have a long list of awesome places to go and see. I definitely want to do the Mystic Falls Tours. I’d have a field day there. As always, I loved having your company.

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