Family Friendly Movie Review: Woodlawn – Plus A Giveaway

I did get to see this movie during a prescreening. I also got to review these books all in exchange for a blog promotion and honest reviews.

After seeing the movie preview for Woodlawn I was eager to see it. I was thrilled with the chance to watch it in a prescreening at our local theater. I decided to take Delbert with me, and I expected him to be a bit bored throughout the entire movie. We went and we BOTH were moved throughout this movie. We got to see God’s powerful message put into action.

About Woodlawn:

Battling racism in 1973 … and today!

Whether it’s the leisure suits, the sideburns or the psychedelic patterns on ladies’ dresses, it’s pretty clear from its initial shots that WOODLAWN is a period film set in the early 1970s. But the themes it explores about racial tensions tearing apart a school and a community are as contemporary as today’s headlines. Unrest, distrust, hatred and violence all play out in Birmingham, Ala., during the film – just as they are playing out with ever more regularity and tragedy today in places like Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and Charleston, S.C. The filmmakers and stars of WOODLAWN hope the way their characters overcome the divisions onscreen spills over into the hearts and minds of those who watch their movie from theaters seats. “My generation needs hope. We need love. We need reconciliation. We need this message,” says 23-year-old Caleb Castille, who makes his feature film debut as Woodlawn High School star running back Tony Nathan. “I mean, look at our country right now. Where we are. My generation needs some love. This film, the message of this film, is going to give them that hope.” It’s not just that WOODLAWN explores racial themes so forthrightly, Castille adds. It’s that the film depicts the real-life steps taken by the community, starting with the football team, to overcome what was tearing them apart.

My Full Review:

When we got to prescreen this movie we were informed that they were taking everyone’s input and making tweaks to it between then and when it hit the theaters. I am in the midst of watching it again with Jimmy and Zeva right now as I write it. I don’t see many major changes yet. However, it’s still a wonderful family friendly movie worth watching together.

If you have any football lovers in the family, they are going to be involved in it regardless of their religious beliefs. I think that aspect is what going to be what makes this movie reach a major milestone especially since it’s coming out during football season.

This movie is filled with many ‘preachy’ moments. However, I feel this movie answers questions that most Christian movies only dip their toes into. For this reason, this movie is will help shape lives.

It hits theaters tomorrow!! Don’t miss your chance to watch it!!

Win the Books Behind Woodlawn Movie

Gracehill Media has given one lucky reader the chance to win the books based around the movie. WOODLAWN, by Todd Geralds, on which the movie is based. TOUCHDOWN TONY, by Tony Nathan, the autobiography of the superstar player on whose life the film is based. WHEN GOD SHOWS UP, by Robert Noland, a 40-day devotional tied to the themes of the film. This giveaway is open to US residents 18 and older. The winner must fill out the entire Giveaways Tools form. The winner also must respond with required information within 48 hours from the email notification from (whitelist my email now.)

Good Luck!



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  1. Does anyone know the exact quote from Woodlawn Sermon scene: God has given you a present…you have to open it up…


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