Excitement and Wishes

I’m literally wishing for a rainy day. When it’s a rainy day, then I have a fighting chance of working on a project with the kids without interruption. I’ve been itching to do this project for some time now, but fear someone just coming over unannounced and ruining the whole thing!!

Zeva is walking around quite well now. She’s into EVERYTHING. I don’t know what we’re doing for her 1st birthday. However, I’ve always been a firm believer that the 1st birthday parties are more for the grown ups than for the baby. Zeva LOVES her cakes now, so I know she will enjoy the birthday cake. She thinks Mommy’s cakes are high chair hopping worthy quite literally. She totally enjoys playing with boxes and long strips of paper.

We got to do some amazing Christmas shopping through Amazon this year. I’m so excited. We got to take advantage of some awesome deals. Granted, it’s only one or two more items for the kids each, but that’s still pretty good for us. The Wii U was suppose to be the only present for everyone, but it seems we never stick with that concept when we do something like that. We’re all enjoying the Wii U.

Well, I need to fetch up some leftovers for lunch for everyone. I haven’t had a lot worth saying lately. Of course, I have some pretty cool things to share with you this week, but I have a layout for those posts.

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