Everything You’ll Need to Send Out Your Family Card

Getting your family card put together can always be a difficult proposition. It takes a lot of coordination to get the family together for a great photograph, but you know that the results will be worth it in the end. If you are planning your annual card, then there are a few things to consider before snapping the picture.

  • Find a Location: Finding the perfect location is what is going to really set your family card apart. Some families opt to go all out and get a picture in front of the perfect nature setting. Others prefer having some sort of lighthearted pose. No matter how and where you decide to pose, make sure that there is plenty of light and that you have time to take more than one shot.
  • Get the right look: Use your family card as an opportunity to get everyone to dress up. Have your family dress in their best clothes (it may be a good opportunity to visit Macy’s to get nicer clothes), or you can all dress in matching sweaters. In your holiday best or matching sweaters, you card will sure catch the attention of whoever you send it to.
  • Include a positive message: You don’t need to make your family card a recap of your year, but you should at least include a personalized message to whoever you send it to. Let them know that you and your family are thinking about them during the holiday season and are thankful for their friendship.

Family cards are a great way for you to get creative, spend time with your family and share the love with your friends. If you are thinking of sending a card for the first time, keep these pointers in mind, but most importantly, make it unique to you and your family.




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