Ever Wanted Your Own Custom Pair of Shoes?

If you’ve ever been tired of wearing the same plain shoes or sneakers every day and want a change – whether to just add some new life into your wardrobe, or to just simply stand out from the crowd a bit, the DIY custom shoes kit from Just1Shoes have you covered, and for a fraction of what you would be paying just to get a new plain pair of footwear, let alone what it would cost to get any sort of custom made shoe done.

Just1Shoes aren’t just selling their custom kits solely so you can have a fantastic pair of footwear, but it’s also a project with a community twist – taken from their own Kickstarter, their goal:

“…is to create a series of companies based on the concept of putting money into the pockets of the people in the community.  For Just1 Shoes, we want to create ways for the shoe enthusiast community to supplement their income by: selling shoes they’ve designed, being commissioned to make shoes, getting rewards for shoes they made for our themed (monthly) contests, earning kickbacks for designing shoes and selling kits based on that design, and getting paid for referrals.”

It’s really great to see a company base their product on the consumer, as opposed to the other way around. The Just1Shoes are made from the highest quality white canvas (perfect for painting), and have padded ankle support, thick bottom soles, and a stiff heel that supports your feet while you walk, which most brands don’t consider, especially for this type of price point.

You can find their Kickstarter campaign here, which includes all the information you need to know about their process.



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