The Essential Parenting Application

As parents, we all love hearing little secrets and tips to make our (ever so difficult) job just that much easier.

Despite the fact that in many ways raising kids seems like the easiest, most natural process in the world, there are many other times when it seems impossible to raise (well behaved) children while managing everything else life throws at us.

I mean, let’s face it– time hasn’t made parenting any easier…

Children are growing up in a very different world than the one we knew growing up, and the changes we are seeing do nothing but add responsibility to the already HUGE stack of concerns we already have on our plates.

Now, let’s put this in perspective…

Recent research has found that young children, on average, spend more than 50 hours a week in front of screens, outside of school. When you really break down the numbers, this fact is a bit shocking. A full-time job accounts for less than that, and it is said that by the age of seven, many kids will have spent a full year of their lives interacting with technology and screens.

While there is no denying the fact that access to internet can be awesome for young, learning minds, it also opens up the world very early for children, and seems to encourage young kids to become dependent upon their devices to stay entertained, communicate, and learn.

Chances are, if you have children, managing their screen time is already something you struggle with. How do you know how much time is OK? How do you manage the same arguments every day for just “ten more minutes”?

Well, there’s an app for that!

OurPact, which was just released to the Apple App Store, is a free, iOS application that allows parents to manage their children’s screen time remotely. OurPact allows parents to:

  •  Schedule Internet and App use according to your child’s daily routine, and among the weekdays or weekend.
  • Set the number of hours your children spend on the Internet and within Apps.
  • Block Internet and Apps at-a-touch.
  • Allow Website and App access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”, at-a-touch.
  • Block all apps (eg. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), as you see fit.

OurPact even provides schedule recommendations for your children, based on their specific age! These recommendations are based on research and advice from leading child development professionals and researchers.

An easy-to-use, reliable application to help parents manage their children’s online habits is an essential for every family. It can sometimes be hard to find great apps for parenting, but if you are parent to a child (or children) on mobile devices, this is an absolute must-have!

How do you manage the time your kids spend on technology?











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  1. This is such great news and very useful for parents today Crystal. Seems like smart phones or at least tablets kids use ought to be loaded with this kind of technology.

  2. Oh this is a great idea! I can see a lot of positive things about children using apps and the internet, but for me, spending all day in front of a screen is not a good idea! Definitely adding this app!


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