The Drinking Gourd E-Guide Review

We were given the chance to review Progeny Press  The Drinking Gourd E-Guide through the Schoolhouse Review Crew. I’m a firm believer in reading being a vital part of learning various things in life. I encourage my kids to read a wide range of books just like I do so that they can learn independently as much as possible. However, it truly doesn’t do them a bit of good to have them read books if they don’t have the skills to learn from reading. That’s why I’m glad we got to review The Drinking Gourd E-Guide.

About Drinking Gourd E-Guide

The Drinking Gourd E-Guide is made to be used with the book The Drinking Gourd by Colleen Schreurs . The Drinking Gourd book is the tale of how Tommy found out his father was helping a slave family escape from South Carolina following the Drinking Gourd constellation. The e-guide is 33 pages long. It is designed to be used for grade 1-3. The guide is filled with activities for the students to do with their parents. The big activity would be perfect to do during the fall season.

Our Review

Delbert and I were entertained by doing The Drinking Gourd E-Guide with this engaging fictional history story. The Drinking Gourd is a fun book to read as a family. Delbert ended up asking a bunch of questions about that period of history as a result of reading this book. I was glad this e-guide comes with a list of books to read to learn more about that period of history and about the star constellations.

I liked how this e-guide included vocabulary lessons and lessons about certain verses in relation to the story. I feel like this e-guide helped Delbert to learn how to analyze a book beyond just reading it. The guide helped him to know ways in which he can expand his learning  beyond just the book he’s reading.

To be honest, it helped me also to learn how to create lesson plans to go along with books that may be of interest to my kids. This was a fun way to learn new concepts. Even Jimmy and Zeva had to join in on these lessons because they wanted to know what happened to the family.

This e-guide also helps students to really look at the decisions that they have to make in their own lives. It also helped them to take the time to think about where they stand with their relationship with God too.

Overall, I feel that if a parent were to get this study guide to go with this book that they would be very pleased. This study guide is filled with ideas and ways to teach your kids a wide range of topics.

Learn More

Progeny Press has many other products to help parents and teachers with their homeschool journey. They have a wide range of study guides and books available. You can learn more by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you feel your kids would have fun using this e-study guide? 


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