Dreaming of the Holiday Cruise Romantic Escape

Blogging has opened many doors for me throughout the last three years even though I haven’t done everything in the proper manner with this blog. One of the things that I had the chance to take advantage of was Brandacation with my MomDot forum group. This year they did a cruise as a part of their big blogging get together. I had Del convinced to go, if he was able to go with me. Unfortunately though they weren’t too keen on having men there with them. For as much as it disappointed me, I understand why they didn’t let men tag along. So, I’ve been talking to Del about us checking into the 2014 Cruise Holidays deals that may be out there. I think it would be totally awesome to go on a cruise during the Christmas and New Years’ time frame. I would love to see the holiday lights reflecting off the ocean floor. My only concern really would be the weather temperatures. Of course, we really could still probably take advantage Fourth of the July specials if I were to try to book a cruise now. I still think that would be pretty to see the patriot lights. I personally have always wanted to go on a cruise. I LOVE being out on the water in a boat. My Dad use to own one and we would spend many summers on the boat. I have spent many birthday’s on his boat. I loved going to Put-in-Bay Island. I miss those days when life was sweet and innocent. Put-in-Bay was my favorite family vacation spot because I got real time with my Dad on the boat and off. To me a holiday cruise sounds like such a romantic escape. Of course, I see all of those Family Disney cruise commercials, and they make me want to take my kids too. I believe they’d have a field day doing all of the many activities that are available for them to do. I may even be able to sneak away with Del and have a romantic moment or two. Oh the dreams I have!

What dream vacation do you have? 




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  1. I’d absolutely love to take a European vacation! I’ve been on a couple of cruises and the most recent one was a family trip (there were 47 of us!) to Alaska…definitely a cruise I’d recommend!


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