Customized Feather Flags for Marketing

If you’re looking for a way to bring more attention to your business, a custom feather flag might be the right choice for you. A customized, flying banner outside your brick and mortar venue can attract the attention of pedestrians and traffic. They’re commonly used by businesses ranging from podiatrists to used car to electronics.


One of the distinct advantages of a customized feather flag is that it’s primarily vertical. The flag itself runs mostly up and down and is attached to a metal pole that can range in length from eight to 17 feet. The banner is usually made of polyester and is durable enough to withstand the elements.

Whereas a typical flag is wider than it is long, feather flags are usually the opposite. This allows you to have something that stands out but doesn’t intrude on pedestrian walkways or oncoming traffic.


Most flags are made of polyester, or some other durable form of plastic or vinyl. This makes them weatherproof, so they can withstand wind, rain, and snow. The poles are generally titanium or aluminum, which are highly-common as flag poles.


There are several options for the base of your feather flag, which allow them to be placed in a wide variety of locations. For instance, your flag can be attached to a ground spike, which is ideal for outdoor placement. The spike digs directly into the turf and holds the flag in place. For indoor placement, there are several options. A cross base is usually made of two wooden planks and weighs roughly 10 pounds. However, these bases are large and noticeable and occasionally unsightly. Heavy-duty flat bases are good for large flags that need to have a concealed base. It can easily hide underneath a table or shelf. Car wheel bases make for good options for used car lots, as they fit the theme of the establishment.

Customized Flags

Since the main reason for using a feather flag is marketing, it’s ideal for you to customize your banner. Most companies that sell feather flags deal with customization. Customers usually can design their custom feather flags using common software such as Adobe Photoshop, and can then send their design to be printed onto the banner. The process of printing the photo or design onto the flag rarely takes all that long, even for intricate designs, so you can have your banner ready to go quickly.




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