Creative Usage of Reinforcement Mesh in Gardening

Steel reinforcing is normally associated with building, and while it is used for many other structures, including roads, one would not normally associate it with the garden, with perhaps the exception of some steel mesh under the patio. You might be surprised to discover that reinforcement mesh has entered into the world of garden design, but with its properties, it can provide the ideal support for a number of things.

Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens are very trendy, and for good reason, with a range of recycled containers, one can effectively arrange small plants on any elevation. Rebar mesh provides the perfect support for this type of garden, and with careful placement, one would not see the mesh, which would give the essential support. Reinforcement mesh comes in many diameters, so you would need one of the smaller sizes, which is very easy to cut to size.

Concrete Steps and Arches

Small reinforcement mesh would typically be used for steps and archways, in partnership with either concrete or liquid limestone, which is a very popular alternative. If you are in Western Australia, and looking for reinforcement mesh, there are online solutions who can supply the ideal size. Perhaps the best solution would be to order the reinforcement mesh by Best Bar, who are a leading Australian supplier, and with branches nationwide, you can be sure of a prompt delivery.

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With the right sized piece of reinforcement mesh, you can create the perfect garden archway, and by adding plants, the rebar will not be noticed, but it will provide a permanent support for the archway, and with careful pruning, it will look better with age.

Fencing and Gating

If you would like to have an industrial age look to your garden, larger diameter rebar can be used for fillers in both fences and gates, and the rust that will invariably form, it gives the garden a rustic look. Apart from the obvious strength and durability, steel reinforcement can provide a range of effective solutions around the home.


A rockery is very difficult to keep stable, even the heaviest of stones can be dislodged, so the ideal solution is a steel rebar mesh, which will not only hold the rocks firmly, it will also rust quickly and blend in with the background. This ingenious method allows garden designers to achieve spectacular results, by holding rocks and large stones in place without being really noticeable.

Plant Tray Pedestal

By creating a triangular frame from reinforcement mesh, and have a flat surface on the top, you can place tray plants anywhere you choose. The rebar changes colour quickly, and the red-brown matt finish blends perfectly, and with the durability of top quality steel, the rust will not compromise the integrity of the mesh.

If one is creative, there are so many ways that reinforcement mesh can be used in the garden, and with the right supplier, you can be sure to get the highest grade steel.



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