Child-Friendly Homeschooling Activities Using Flowers

As far as the outdoors is concerned, flowers are perhaps the most adorable elements of nature to kids. They’re colorful and beautiful, plus most of them produce really nice fragrances. And yes, they also attract birds, bees, and butterflies, which are among the first few creatures our kids get to learn at kindergarten age.

It’s also perhaps why they work magic when incorporated into studies for homeschooling kids. Are you wondering how to use flowers to homeschool your child? Here are a few child-friendly activities you can do with your homeschooling kid to help them grasp concepts and learn better.

Have a Flower-Arranging Contest 

Kids love to have contests and challenges. In fact, they love having contests so much that they would even ask their parents to include them in their home games. So, why not let them create a flower-arranging contest as part of the child’s education?

Doing so will allow them to set up their own contest and have fun at the same time. Plus, you’ll also get to learn the real meaning of making a bouquet of flowers. As seen at The Bouqs Co., a bouquet is a group of flowers or bunches of flowers, arranged neatly. This is done with great care, so the paired blooms look neat and aesthetically appealing.

In this flower-arranging contest, each child will get to make their own bouquet with flowers and also other natural elements that they want.

Plant Flowers in Pots 

Taking care of flowers is one of the most practical ways to teach kids the fundamentals of the universe. As they keep watering and feeding the plants, they learn new skills and gradually become familiar with the nitty-gritty of life.

Over time, they will understand that all plants need to be looked after and given enough light to flourish. As the plants grow bigger and bigger, they need more water and care, until they eventually produce beautiful blooms that attract humans and bees alike

Make Flower Collages Using Craft Paper and Paint

Making a flower collage is one of the simplest and easiest things kids can do while homeschooling. Moreover, when you ask them to make them, they will likely enjoy it.

Want some ideas? You can ask them to make a poster with their own pictures or collage. You can also ask them to make cut-out pictures to put into the collages. It’s a great way to teach them creativity as they have fun while doing it.

Spend Time in a Flower Garden  

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be strictly indoors or around the home. It doesn’t have to be limited to online learning and the child’s study desk. Once in a while, learning should be conducted out there in nature.

For a group activity, homeschooling kids can spend time in a flower garden. This activity can be all about experimenting with different kinds of flowers.

In this activity, you can go out and find as many flowers as possible, and have them arrange them in a flower garden. They can observe how different colors and shapes make up a flower. It’s healthy, and they will love the experience.

Creating Natural Dye Leaves and Petals

Did you know that you can extract a wide range of colors from leaves and flower petals? And that’s not all. If your child is really into color and aesthetics, then making natural dye out of flowers and leaves is a great activity for them to engage with. Don’t forget to make sure it’s fun for both you and the child.

Regardless of their age, kids find flowers attractive and exciting to be around. This is a fact you can use to your advantage to help your young one learn about plants, nature, and pretty much more as they develop their creativity. The above are just a few activities you can engage in to help your homeschooling kid become sharper.




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