Celebrate Stress Awareness Month: 7 Self-Improvement Tips and Activities

Stress can be a worrisome problem at some point in everyone’s lives. It can be caused by petty arguments, money problems or health issues. Use these calming activities and resolutions to celebrate Stress Awareness Month.
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Be Spiritual

Meditation, prayer and yoga are ways to become more spiritual. Get calmer and become one with the universe for a few moments. We can even utilize spirituality to change our lives for the better if necessary. Learning to be more ethical and live by higher standards gives a person a higher level of self-respect and thus respect for others. Feel less guilt by doing the right thing.

Get Healthier

Stress can be caused due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a healthier option. Maybe even become a vegan by making lifestyle changes. Exercise daily to have the strength of body and mind. Remember that smoking relieves stress but vaping is a healthier option.

Be Grateful

A stressful life could make anyone feel down. Instead, seek ways to be grateful for big and small things every day. Write or draw pictures in a journal to express a grateful attitude in a positive way. Wake up each morning and find inspiration by going outside for a jog or just to breathe some fresh air and feel the sun’s warmth.


Volunteering benefits everyone involved. It promotes good health and encourages others that there is some good left in the world. Help others relieve some stress by volunteering to help disabled people, walk a dog or donate needed items to a homeless shelter. Feel like a good person by making an honest effort for someone else. Expect nothing in return and feel selfless.

Use Humor

Find something to laugh at to eliminate anger or frustration. Read a funny book or watch a comedy. We can use our imaginations by being creative and seeing a serious situation in a whole new way. This could allow us to laugh at ourselves or others in a healthy manner.

Turn Off Technology

Technology can be invasive to our lives these days. People often waste time watching useless television or making friends on social websites. Technology may even be a distraction from real life. Try turning everything off and read a book or go for a walk along a nature trail.

Do Art

Creating art is a good way to promote empathy in ourselves and others. Its unique beauty can be an inspiration to others in profound ways. Art makes people dream and feel childlike wonder even as adults. Learn abstract painting, clay sculpture or draw. Do something crafty like sewing a scarf or making a wreath. Give arts and crafts to charity for fun.

Our lives can be relatively stress-free by avoiding excessiveness and negativity. Make smart choices every day for health and happiness. Committing to self-improvement and a positive mindset is a great way to make life simpler.




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