Careers In Demand for 2018

It’s astounding how quickly careers that are in hot demand change. The changes occur alongside the fast development of technology and innovation. If you like to keep your career aspirations current, it is a good idea to see what careers and business are in demand in the future. You can then adapt your current skills, so that you are a valuable commodity within the workplace.

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This article will look at career options tipped to be in demand for 2018


There is a huge shortfall of engineers, which can partly be attributed to the lack of interest children acquire in the sciences, maths and design subjects at school. Engineering is the driving force in economy for new innovation and technology. Engineering is now commonplace in the healthcare industry too, as more and more medical engineers are employed to develop sophisticated diagnostic and treatment technology. If you are scientifically minded, engineering will certainly be a career option with staying power and diversity.

Software developer.

With technology changing so rapidly and playing such a major part in our lives, developers are in huge demand. Developers write the code in order to develop new software to support systems. Coding can be learnt in the form of home learning so that skills can be updated without having to resign from your current role.


There are a huge number of registered nurse vacancies needing to be filled. Better healthcare has now created an aging society, with the accompanying health care requirements. Nursing offers lots of opportunity to diversify when qualified, so it is easy to find an area to work which is of interest.


Teachers are in demand, especially teachers who are qualified in maths and science. Many different training options are now available to gain teacher status, many of which are flexible enough to undertake when working in a school.

Fitness trainer

An aging population has focused the importance of staying fit and healthy for longer. Many people are hiring the expertise of fitness trainers in order to develop personal programmes and help people to stick to them. The role can be potentially lucrative, if you build an excellent reputation.

Skin specialist

Similar to keeping fit in that more and more people are taking care of their appearance. Skin care specialists are trained in laser technology for skin rejuvenation and hair removal, anti aging treatments, Botox and fillers. Suitably qualified aestheticians are in high demand within beauty salons, spas and clinics and can attract high salaries.

Independent financial adviser

Many people are now opting to invest their money into stocks, shares and financial trading platforms due to higher returns, rather than putting their money in to saving accounts. To do this effectively expert advice is sought from independent financial advisers. Financial advisers can also give advice on mortgages, loans, insurances and bank accounts.

These are just a small snapshot of careers that are currently in demand. All areas of IT remain an in demand skill set, as technology is changing so rapidly. It is surprising that in uncertain times health and beauty careers remain in a buoyant market for 2018 and ahead.




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