Calling ALL Sci-Fi Movie Lovers—We NEED Your Help! PLEASE

Okay, my husband is looking for the name of a movie that has been in his mind for a while now, and he can’t get it out of his head. It’s like having a song that is in your head, and it’s playing over and over, and unless you can hear the whole thing it won’t go away. Well, in his case, it’s this movie, but he can’t recall the name of the movie, so he can’t get it to watch it to get the movie out of his head. If you’ve ever experienced this dilemma then you know it’s just that, an annoying, darn right, drive a person up a wall, and an uncomfortable situation to be in. So, PLEASE help us find the name of this movie. If you know how to find the name of movies based off the information I’m providing, I’ll gladly do research in that manner, but I’m at a loss as to how to go about finding the name of a movie.

Here’s the information he does know. These are his words:

“I am looking for a title of an old movie that I saw about 20 years ago. The movie was about a city traveling through time. It was set in the outback. The city was damaged (one of the legs that held up the city) in an attack on it right before it went back into the time stream. That was how they defended it’s selves. A man was sent ahead of the city to where it would land to fit the site so the city would not fall apart when it got to that time. The things that were chasing the city also traveled through time, but they use 3 big round balls set in a triangle pattern (they were far about) to move through time. Can anyone help find this movie??

Please help if you can or know someone who can help, please send them to this post. All comments helping us on this matter would be GREATLY appreciated!!



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