Bronies – Inside The World of Adult Male Fans of My Little Pony

They watch football, drink beer, work on cars, and adore My Little Pony. Commonly known as bronies, these men are proof that pink is not just for girls.

Who Are Bronies?

The My Little Pony franchise boasts a sizable following of adult male fans. Most are ordinary men leading ordinary lives, whom have simply grown to love the long haired, bright colored ponies that entranced so many young girls during the 1980s.

The Brony Community

In 2010, the My Little Pony franchise introduced a new animated series that has since revived nostalgia in older generations and spawned a new trend for the younger generation. Surprisingly, many adult males have taken to this resurgence with a considerable degree of passion. In fact, entire online brony communities have formed from fan sites and message boards. The 2014 BronyCon convention attracted nearly 10,000 attendees, while the 2015 event in August is expected to draw even more interest.

How It Began

After the 2010 premier of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, men who were enjoying the series posted their comments on the web-based platform 4chan. The conversations garnered more participants seeking validation for their positive options about the show. Discussions quickly turned into an online community.

Contrary to popular belief, the term “brony” is not simply a mix of “bro” and “pony.” The name is actually linked back to where the discussion first began – on the “b” page of the 4chan website. Furthermore, many members have expressed that they had an initial interest in the series but continued to participate because they enjoyed the community.

What’s the Appeal?

Nonetheless, many people wonder what caused these men to become interested in the first place. For many, it’s about the mature simplicity of the characters. In the face of challenge, the ponies put forth a great deal of effort to uncover answers to learn and grow from their own mistakes.

What Sets Bronies Apart?

Bronies definitely occupy their own category of fandom. Like Trekkies and Potterheads, Bronies are passionate about their obsession. They enjoy dissecting the plots, analyzing every character, and even collecting My Little Pony toys. However, they do not hide their passion as a man might hide a secret interest in reality television or romantic chick flicks. Instead, they embrace every part of their subculture and do so with a considerable degree of flair.

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  1. Really? I am myself surprised men like My Little Ponies. I am a huge fan since our daughter played with them and they are so enchanting.

    • You already know My Little Pony is a huge hit in our home. Zeva watches it all the time, and as a result she loves her horses.

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