Blogging Opportunities Galore

I do declare I get totally amazed how much I’ve been learning about blogging over the past two weeks. I’ve checked out as many books about blogging as my library has. I’ve also checked out books on social media books as well. I want to learn everything I can in order to provide you with a blog that is truly worth reading.

Not to mention, I definitely enjoy doing product reviews for you. I do my utter best to give you honest feedback without down grading any given product. If there is something terribly negative to say about a product, then you can bank unless the company has authorized my posting that information (in a respectable manner) then it’s not going to show up on my blog. So, if my product reviews always seem positive, now you know the reason why. I do believe in the value of finding something good in everyone and everything. All things/people do have a value of some kind, even those things that I truly can’t stand.

Of course, to hear Del talk, if I don’t like something you can bank it will have no place value in my life or the rest of my families life because I won’t let it come anywhere near me in any way shape or form. I told him how is that possible because I hate doing laundry. He stated back in reply, “Case in point, you don’t do laundry until YOU’VE ran out of clothes to wear.” (Maybe that’s why he hopes I never have the money to go on a major clothes shopping spree.) There are some things that can’t be avoided though.

I do enjoy working with companies in promoting their products of all kinds. I have always enjoying selling products/services that I believe in. I totally love knowing that I can get products in the hands of others who will appreciate them. (By the way, I haven’t forgotten about my Christmas gift suggestion list, but I haven’t come up with any reasonable gift suggestions in a while that are worth mentioning. Of course, I haven’t scoped out Pinterest lately either.) If your a company who has gifts that you want promoted…I’m all ears and willing to work with you.

If your a blogger and just starting out, I suggest that you check out BlogHer, BloggyMoms, Mombloggersclub, Circle of Moms, CafeMom, and Business2Blogger. All of these have been wonderful assets for my blogging journey. I have also created a page for blog hops, and I highly suggest you jump on board with those blog hops to increase your views and gain connections in the blogging world. Other bloggers are wonderful sources for information and they definitely stick together.





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