Blog Dare…It’s a Wonder You Can…

I’m taking on the Blog Dare . So far, I’ve managed to stick with it each day. I’m treating it like you would the Five Minute Friday posts because I want to ensure that I actually share a part of my soul with you. I hope you enjoy reading these posts.

It’s a Wonder You Can Keep Up With It All!

I have heard that a thousand and one times since I’ve started homeschooling our kids and blogging over three years ago. I do juggle a lot in any given day. There are plenty of days when my day starts at 7:30AM and I don’t stop doing something productive until well past 2Am. Only to get up and do it all again the next day. I have already confessed to dropping the ball on something every day. However, by the end of the week everything is done and caught up.

Now that Del is working from home again things will definitely be a lot easier. I never realized how much he helped keep everything in order until he was gone working outside of the home for the past 9 months. I’m so utterly grateful that he has the chance to work with the family business again now that it’s back up and running. I didn’t like seeing him under the amount of stress he was under.

“It’s a Wonder You Can Maintain Your Faith.”

I’ve shared with you many different forms of abuse I’ve endured as a kid. I’ve even told you about other things I’ve gone through during my lifetime. As a result, any time I tell a non-believer about my life’s trials they wonder how in the world I’ve maintained my faith in God so strongly.

The answer is because out of everything bad I’ve endured, God has turned it around for something positive. Whether it’s by giving me the chance to help someone else overcome the same type of hurt or even help someone gain enough strength within themselves to get the hang out of the situation they are in. I meet total strangers, and immediately I know we are of a kindred spirits due to some prior abuse without them even saying it.

I know how valuable life is so I make darn certain my kids and family learn to treasure every second they have to live. We find ways to have fun together all the time. We had a couple come out to our house unexpectedly and we didn’t know them from cats Adam the other day, and one of the first things they said about our kids is “they seem very happy.”  For the most part, our kids are happy. Hang why wouldn’t they be?? They are spoiled rotten.

My trials in my life have made me appreciate all the little good things that have happened in my life. It’s taught me how to show others the value of the little things in their lives. It’s helped me help other people to see what they are missing when they spend so much time complaining about the small stuff. Speaking of Small Stuff, I read a book a LONG time ago called Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways To Keep The Little Things From Taking Over Your Lifeir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B000FC1VX8.This little book is so worth getting. It gives you inspiration and it also reminds you what is really important in life.

(Just a side note, I had no intention of promoting anything in this blog post, it just happened to come to my mind as I was writing this post. I actually own this book and have read it several times many years ago, but still remember it like it was yesterday.)

The long point of the matter is that I’m actually in a twisted messed up kind of way kind of glad that those things happened to me. One of my favorite songs is by Kelly Clarkson feat Jennifer Lopez, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger. Everything I’ve gone through has done nothing but make me stronger. That saying, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger is so utterly true!

Tell me what comes to mind for you when you see the words… “It’s a wonder you can…”




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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

31 comments on “Blog Dare…It’s a Wonder You Can…”

  1. Love that song! Also kudos for you for maintaining your faith in a society that generally likes to bring people down. You go girl 🙂

  2. I’m a firm believer that people can fit a lot more into a day than they think is possible if they cut out what doesn’t really matter. I applaud you for making room for all of the things you consider to be important; everyone drops the ball now and then, so don’t feel too bad! 🙂 I’m glad your husband is now able to work from home again if that will make things easier on you as a family.

    I admire the fact that you have remained so positive through all of the tough things you have endured in your life. While my experiences were totally different, I have also been through a lot of hard times and really think that those situations have made me who I am today. I have had people use that exact phrase and say “It’s a wonder you can still trust after all you have been through.” I have learned that you are only hurting yourself if you refuse to ever believe in the good in people. You can do so and do it wisely.

    • I totally agree that a person is able to achieve a lot more in a given day than they think possible…if they don’t let themselves get overly sidetracked by things that aren’t going to make a hill of beans in the end.

      I’ve actually started doing the things that make me money first in my day that way at least I’ve earned something for the given day.

  3. I think as parents, it can be surprising what we can fit into one day – it just kind of comes with the job, but I applaud you for taking on the homeschooling venture. Not everyone can do it, so major kudos to you.

    • Robin,

      I agree that as parents we definitely take on a lot of tasks!! Our life is immediately changed when that little being is born and placed in our care.
      As far as the homeschooling venture, it’s a lot of fun, and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  4. Honestly I am going on 3 hours two nights in a row so for me it is a wonder I can still function! I am like you juggling homeschooling and blogging – slightly different hours because I try to go to bed earlier but get up a earlier as well! It is so much better than the alternative though!

  5. Get up in the morning… Right now I feel like I’m going to face plant the computer – darn fatigue. Have to keep up on going as much as I can though – I would hate to stop completely. x

  6. This year has been a trying time for me and the family. And we really do appreciate all of the small things.

  7. I often hear that a lot too! I think for me the biggest thing is just merely Prioritizing things. I have to make sure i Get the most important things done first and then the rest just seems to fall into place. I love that song and it so applies. Especially when it comes to faith! I love that you included Faith in this one. I have so many friends and family that ran into a trial and they have used it as an excuse to think God doesn’t exist or isn’t present in their lives. I have gone through some dark times the last few years; but I’m coming to a point in my life where I am seeing the light of it all. I can see the WHY. I can see Gods hand has been there every step of the way and that it was all to help me become stronger. Such a beautiful message your article offers.

  8. When I see or hear the words its a wonder you can. I think its a wonder I can juggle 2 kids (1 & 3 years old), my husband, being pregnant, and blogging, plus house work, cooking all the above. But some how my super mom powers do it all!

  9. People usually comment it’s a wonder that I can be a single parent and blog. It’s a weird thing to say but I get it. To me its all about time management. But also like you said we grow strong to handle things we need to right?

    • I actually had a lot more time on my hands as a single parent than I do now. I was able to be completely organized my way and not have to worry about how it would affect another adult in the household. Each adult has their own way of doing things, and finding a happy medium for all involved is not always easy.

      I am impressed that you are juggling it all so well.

  10. …stay awake? I have some sleep issues, and I’m so tired all the time, but you know how it is. There’s so much to do every day, I wouldn’t have time to nap even if I could.

    • I understand what it’s like to deal with sleep issues. There are certain periods of the year where I can’t sleep at night if my life depended on it. If I don’t get the chance to take a nap I seriously suffer. So, my heart goes out to you as you deal with that issue.

    • I totally love this little book. It’s been YEARS and I mean years since I’ve read it, but it’s like I read it yesterday that’s how powerful of a read it was.
      I hope that your stress level gets diminished. It’s not a good thing to be dealing with at all!

  11. I think about my journey with gluten. I have been gluten free for a few months and people always ask me how I’m doing it. “Its a wonder that you aren’t eating that cookie right there” ugh! people… I have to do it for my health. Yes, I miss cookies and pasta… but get over it. I have to!

    • That’s definitely a huge adjustment for sure. I don’t know much about the gluten free diet, but I’ve heard it makes a world of a difference.

  12. What a great post..thanks for sharing it with that song and I’m one the juggles it all, too 3 kids, a blog, full time outside work, kids activities and so on.. BOY what did they do 30 years ago… sure is busy now…

    • It’s a lot easier said than done that’s for sure. As far as other’s bringing you down, yes, don’t let them have that power!

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