Blog Dare 26: Something Is Missing….

I’m taking part in the Blog Dare for December 2013. I can’t believe it’s already almost coming to a close. I’ve missed a few days topics, but I plan on going back and adding them in sometime. 

Yesterday was Christmas, and my kids totally enjoyed opening their presents. They loved the various gifts they were given.

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Delbert loves his train tent that we got him. He is just as thrilled as these boys are in the picture from Amazon. I even got him the conductors hat and bandanna with the loud (and I do mean LOUD) whistle.

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Jimmy is thrilled with his new Asus laptop we got from Best Buy in a bundle deal for a really good 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00COR29XI I had to set it up which took a bit of time, but I couldn’t do it last night because I wanted him to be the one to open the box and press the power button for it’s first time. He already found the Windows 8 store complete with all of their free games. He has been having a field day enjoying it off and on all day.

Zeva loves her little first computer and little My Little Pony jukebox we got from Target for her. She has been really trying to say the sounds of the alphabet all day today. She even said “Dadda” loud and clear and gave him a hug today. (I do believe that was Del’s best Christmas gift.) She was trying to say I love you too, but she got as far as I Lo and then squealing with delight that she got that much out correctly. I tried to do her hair. She didn’t want anything to do with that.

Although, Misty on the other hand was bulldozing her way in to get her hair done. So, she’s been proudly walking around with her hair up in a pony tail. She hasn’t messed with it at all. She actually seems like an extremely happier puppy since I put it up. If I had known she would let me keep her hair up, I would have done it ages ago. Peppermint would never let me do it.

Del made his normal feast that was as usual delicious. We stuffed our faces until we were stuffed more than the pig that gave it’s life for us to eat ham had to be!

Despite all of these wonderful blessings!…. Something felt like it was missing.

There were a few things missing throughout the course of my day. Some of them are pretty petty. Others are actually pretty serious.

What Was Missing:

1.) We didn’t have any deserts for our Christmas day. I tried to make cookies and they just didn’t turn out worth a dime. I think I was attempting to make them in a sour mood, and that just wasn’t a good combination at all.

There is just something about having a Christmas feast and not having desert to finish it out. It just wasn’t right! So, it felt like we were missing a major part of our meal.

Although, on the good side, there wasn’t any extra pounds added to our bellies over having those deserts we normally would have had. That puts us one step ahead of the weight loss game.

2.) I was missing being with other loved ones on this holiday. I really would have loved to be in Ohio with other family members at Christmas time, but then I’d be missing family here. I’d honestly be super excited about going to Ohio for a visit with my loved ones that I miss there in the near future. However, unfortunately, my vehicle would never be able to handle that trip now.

The good news is my vehicle is paid for in full. I just have to keep it running to get me back and forth in the local area now. One day we will honestly be seeking a new vehicle again. That day seems to be fast approaching. I guess that’s why I’m enjoying doing these dealership posts because it’s like I get to do my shopping in an online manner and share my thoughts with you all at the same time.

3.) I did find out that I was not missed at all by people who should miss me on this holiday. It was a bit disheartening to say the least. I have determined that my efforts to maintain a relationship of any kind is a waste of time and only going to lead me to more heartache that is just not worth it. So although, I may miss him, it’s clear that the feeling is not mutual.

4.) My middle child made it clear that he was missing some things that he requested from Santa. So we had to have that heart to heart talk. That wasn’t exactly fun. He did make it clear though that he is very happy with what he has been given. The kicker though is we didn’t know even wanted those two items until AFTER we had done all of our Christmas shopping. As you know already, we were very late on doing our Christmas shopping for them already this year as it was.

5.) I personally miss having a white Christmas. Of course, I found out that Ohio didn’t have snow either this year, in the home that I call my childhood home. (Now the idea of that home possibly ever leaving the family is disheartening to say the least. However, since he has four kids who all live around it, I doubt that any of them will let it go anymore than I would if I had any say so in the matter.)

I find it amazing the things that we find missing throughout a day when we actually take time to think about it. However, I normally spend more time focusing on the things that I am richly blessed with.

I am truly blessed with things far beyond any value. My three kids are truly a HUGE blessing and worth more than any materialistic item. My husband is a gem and a half and I definitely wouldn’t trade him for all the riches in the world. Even my in-laws are pretty amazing when you think about it.

So…although this Christmas may have been missing some things, it was also one I’ll not quickly forget. I’m sure my kids won’t either.

Was there anything missing from your holiday? 




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