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I grew up playing and loving Bingo. It is still something I will go out of my way to play if given the chance. Unfortunately, we have to drive an hour one way to be able to go play Bingo. As a result, I can appreciate sites that allow you to play Bingo online. Since I live in The United States, I can’t play online Bingo. I feel like I’m deprived the chance to play a game that I desperately love from both angels.

We had a Bingo place here in our local town, but it was short lived. It was disappointing because Bingo is a game that everyone can play. It’s simple and engaging at the same time. The youngest to the oldest have gained many memories while playing the all famous Bingo games.

It seems we’re even losing the right to have FUN just PLAYING Bingo in The United States. Judging by this recent article from My Fox Chicago news, we can’t play Bingo even if we’re NOT placing any bets to win grand prizes.

Right now, I am actually chuckling that I’m writing this because of all the current news we have in our world today. Everyone is up in arms over the fact that gay marriage is legalized across the United States. Then there is also the debate over the Confederate Flag. We can play the lottery, but we can’t bet online playing Bingo for prize money. Our country has some twisted messed up laws and regulations.

If I could play online Bingo, I’d be quite interested in playing at William Hill right now. I’d be taking advantage of it of their New Player Bonus. Right now they are a £40 New Player Bonus. All a person has to do to get this bonus is sign up for an account, create a chat name, and spend £10 cash on bingo tickets.

I was exploring their specials for this month with complete desire to jump on board and play. Looking at their specials, there are some nice prizes up for grabs. Even without the prizes being an option, it’s nice to just be able to play and have fun with others doing it.

If you live in The United Kingdom or some other country that allows you the freedom to play online Bingo and bet to win prizes, then Bingo at William Hill is a site you’ll want to consider. They have had some big time winners in past.

You can find out more information about Bingo at William Hill by visiting their website. You can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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