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Best Buy® is not only a good place to acquire personal home electronic entertainment and business related products, but it’s also a great place to acquire products for your school. As a homeschooling mother, I know the value of using quality technology to enhance your child’s learning experiences. There are many people who still argue that there is no place for technology in a classroom, but technology truly is a significant part of our future.

Schools Should Have the Latest Technology

I personally feel that schools should have the latest technology because if our kids do not know how to use them then they are at a huge disadvantage. Everything we do in our world today is based around some type of electronic technology! Just yesterday, Jimmy was talking about making it to where people who weren’t working should only be allowed to talk on their cell phones for two hours a day. He was upset that no one around him would even acknowledge his hellos and smiles because they were too busy talking on their phones.

Furthermore, jobs are turning into jobs that are doing online via a person’s home office rather than in brick and mortar locations. As a virtual assistant myself I see first-hand how many jobs are available to be done ONLINE versus leaving the home now.

Our kids need to use these technologies to learn how to communicate and collaborate on projects with ease via the online world. They need to know how to read, research and take notes better. This also prepares them for future educational and career ventures.

Best Buy® Involved in Enhancing Classrooms with Technology

At Best Buy®, they believe every student should be able to have the access to the latest and greatest technology. They are partnering with schools around the country to provide technology they need. They have even included on-site Geek Squad® training and support for the students and faculty.

Best Buy®’s Account Managers will help out any school wishing to add technology to their schools. They can help you with determining what products will enhance your school while staying within your budget. They also provide you with support and protection when you need it.

If you are attending ISTE Conference and Expo on June 28 – July 1, Best Buy Education will be in booth #2262.  Make sure you come by and check out the daily demonstrations being held throughout the conference.

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