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This movie didn’t last long in the movie theatre. When I went to get it from Blockbuster, I was informed that it wasn’t that good and that they only ordered 9 copies of it because it didn’t receive good ratings at all. I honestly thought I was going to be in for a long movie due to those comments.

It was a great movie!!! I enjoyed the effects a lot! It definitely kept us on our toes. The soundtrack Zeva LOVED. She did a lot of dancing throughout the movie. It even kept her attention for part of the movie because of the effects. 🙂

I don’t fully understand why it got such low ratings. However, I do feel it’s worth renting!!!



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  1. This movie did get trashed while it was in theaters, and I skipped see it because it looked more like a joke than a movie. However, I have to admit that I had a great time watching this movie last night. I decided to finally check it out after a coworker at Dish recommended it as having some great action as well as a completely cheesy plot that was fun to laugh at. I rented it through my Blockbuster @Home account, and let’s just say that it lived up to my friend’s recommendation. The picture and sound off of the Blu-Ray were amazing, and really put my home theater to use. I love renting cheesy action flicks so I can get that home theater experience without shelling out $30 for a really bad movie.


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