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B.W.Clifford Inc (candy store)
If you have a person on your Christmas gift list who always has a “sweet tooth”, like me, then I’ve got a suggestion for you to consider.
For the best in all things delicious, from sugar free candy to salty snacks to wholesale candy, check out the online candy store B.W. Clifford Candy. This a family owned company that has been in business for over 65 years. They are not a big corporation.They also keep a regular FRESH inventory of products. They strive to give us quality service and products.
As a fellow small business owner, I’m confident you can find the value in us helping out another small business succeed through this holiday season. Of course, they advertise that they use UPS to ship their products. As you already know, I prefer to use UPS over other shipping companies (with the exception of USPS.)
They are a great website to use in consideration for fundraisers that you may have. They strive to provide their products at prices that won’t be beat by other competitors. So, that you can buy their products and still make a profit if you wanted to use them for fundraising events.
So, hop on over and check out that candy store for all of your “sweet tooth” needs. They claim that they offer best prices around for wholesale candy for the top brands from many major brands.

Note: This is a sponsored post, but I did write the facts based on the information given.



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