The Animal Trackers Club Review

We were given the chance to review the Animal Trackers Club in exchange for an honest blog review.

This kit comes with a lot of stuff to make learning about animals a fun and entertaining journey. It comes with an animal figurine, sticker, magnet of the animal, and cards to make it even more fun. You can see this video of everything that came in the kit we got to review for zebras.

In this particular kit, I was able to teach the kids about Africa and the savanna. Along with a bit more information about the animals that live in those areas. Since they included cards for these animals we were able to play sorting games of various kinds. Plus Zeva was able to play the matching game too. Plus naming the different kinds of animals too.


My favorite feature is the fact that it came with a lunchbox. That makes it nice for when we go on our nature walks we can take a lunch and pretend we are hunting for different animal tracks. Which we already seem to do that naturally, but this just seems to add as a gentle reminder to do it. Unfortunately this kit didn’t come with an animal we could track here locally, but they still had fun learning about these other animals.

This is a nice kit to teach kids the basic bit of information about animals from all around the world. I think the Animal Trackers Club is a great program for kids ages 3 and up for a reasonable price of $11.95+$3 shipping. They also have the Space Scouts program for kids ages 6 and up for the same price. They also allow their users to gain $10.00 by referring friends to this program.

You can find out more information about this program by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  1. There is just an endless amount of great learning kits these days. I like how when it snows, I see different kinds of animal footprints in the snow in the yard, walkways and driveway that I would have no idea passed by if not for the fun snow paw prints.


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