7 Things to Experience as a Family When Traveling to Morocco

Planning a vacation for your whole family can be intimidating, especially if you have young kids or children of different ages.

Finding destinations that have plenty of experiences enjoyable by larger groups of different ages is not easy. However, if you take a look at some of the Morocco travel packages, you’ll see how they include diverse activities that everyone will love.

The younger children prefer fun, and easy activities, the teenagers and young adults want to party and explore a different culture, while you might want to relax and enjoy your vacation. Morocco offers all these different types of activities in one single location.

In this article, you’ll find some of the amazing experiences you can enjoy with a Morocco travel package, so you can start planning your next holiday.

Experience Marrakech and the Jemaa el-Fnaa Square

The first place you’ll probably visit in Morocco is the city of Marrakech, the cultural and economic hub of Morocco.

Marrakech is a fantastic location to start your journey, with dozens of different activities to explore and plenty of services and lodgings to stay and plan the rest of your trip. You can stay in a luxurious resort with gardens, pools, restaurants, and several other exciting amenities.

You can stay in a luxurious hotel or villa, and explore the magical square of Jemaa el-Fnaa, a vast square where hundreds of merchants, food stalls, and entertainment troupes find its place.

You can indulge in the amazing aromas and flavors of the Moroccan food, while your children play in the square and watch magicians, snake charmers, and dozens of other street acts that will amaze them.

Ride a Camel or an ATV through the Desert

Once you’re done setting camp in Marrakech and want to set out to explore the country, you might want to book a tour south, to the Sahara Desert.

Depending on your tour and your group’s composition, you can travel the desert across a camel, or you might want to have an adrenaline-infused adventure riding an all-terrain vehicle across the dunes.

Set up a Tent in the Sahara

After riding a whole day in the desert and exploring the Sahara and its cultural landmarks, you might want to settle down and have some time to rest.

The best way to do so is by setting up a tent and staying in a camp in the Sahara. At the light of the stars and the cold wind of the desert, your group can stay in one of the tents set up by locals and have a party with exquisite local food.

Cultural Tour Through the Medinas

If you want something more relaxed and would love to learn about the Moroccan culture you might want to stay in Marrakech and explore the Medinas, narrow streets of a walled city, where hundreds of merchants and antique shops set their stalls.

With an experienced guide, you can tour through the gardens, fountains, and other hidden wonders of the Moroccan Medinas with your family.

A Hike Through the Atlas Mountains

For families that love to hike and explore new places, you might want to book a tour through the Atlas Mountains.

You can hike the mountains with your family in a relaxed stroll, or you can hire a guide to climb the mountain on top of mules, stopping in camps to take a bit of traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Fun in the Waters of Morocco

For youngsters and adults who love the sea and want to have some fun in the sand, you might want to move to the Oualidia or other towns closer to the fantastic Moroccan beaches.

Once there you relax in the beautiful beaches, take part in the water sports, or join some of the events or parties that take place in the localities.

Experience the Traditions of the Moroccan Society

One thing that most tourist love about Morocco is the friendliness of the people, how welcoming they are of tourists and how they invite you into their homes and events.

Accept their invitations, and you’ll spend an amazing evening in the company of a Moroccan family, learning about their traditions, their culture, and their way of life.

You might be invited to drink tea, take part of a celebration, or for dinner, but in any event, you’ll have a great time with your family and learn a great deal of this fantastic culture.

The Perfect Family Holidays in Morocco

This article is only a scratch of the surface of what you can expect of Morocco and the experiences you’ll enjoy. There are dozens of other amazing activities you’ll be able to share with your family in this rich country.

If you’re still debating on where to take your family for the holidays consider finding a Morocco travel package so you can have a magnificent experience that your family will cherish.




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