6 Safety Items to Help Protect Your College Student

At college, your student will make wonderful memories and work towards their academic and career ambitions. While colleges strive to keep their campuses safe, there are still some security and safety risks that crop up. Equip your college student with safety gear that will help them feel secure as they navigate campus life and can protect them in case of emergency. Here is a list of the best safety items to send with your college student:

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is an excellent self-defense tool that is convenient for your college student to carry with them. It can quickly disorient any attacker and give your student a chance to flee to safety. Some college campuses may have a ban on pepper spray, so make sure you and your kid check the college handbook to see what the restrictions are.


Late night walks on campus can often feel daunting, and campus lighting might not be sufficient to light your way. While some phones have flashlights, your kid ought to have a flashlight with more lumens and a substantial weight. Maglite makes flashlights that are known for their long beam range and powerful brightness. They are carried by law enforcement, security officers and military service members, making them a trusted companion in the dark. This flashlight will light the path for your student so they can make it home safely.

Emergency USB Charger

Your kid’s smartphone is their means to reach out for help in emergency situations. They are likely to use up most of their phone’s battery socializing with friends and emailing their professors, which leaves them with little battery life at the end of the day. Help your student have enhanced access to their phone with an emergency USB charger. Macworld offers up reviews on some of the best emergency chargers for you to consider giving to your college student.


Since your kid is on their own and often left to their own devices, they should be equipped with the proper tools. Be it a bicycle repair or a means to defend themselves, a multi-tool is a necessary accessory for your student to keep on them. Choose a multi-tool that is compact and easy to toss into the front pocket of a backpack. The Leatherman Coyote Signal Multitool is a smartly designed product that has 19 tools, including an emergency whistle and fire-starting ferro. Its high-carbon stainless steel makes it a durable tool that your kid can use for all their years of college and beyond.

Wire-Free Security Camera

A wire-free security camera is the best safety tech to send with your college student. Lorex’s wire-free security camera systems have high-tech capabilities that will keep your student and their possessions protected while they’re home and away. These wire-free cameras are battery operated and will detect and record activity that is picked up by their motion sensors. Your student can connect their camera(s) to an app that will let them monitor and review captured footage while they’re out of their house or apartment.


Sadly, theft is a common crime on college campuses. With people in and out of your kid’s dorm room, there is a risk that your most valuable possessions could be stolen. Help your student keep their possessions intact and protected with a small safe they can keep in their dorm room. This could be in the form of a substantial safe that can only be accessed with a key code or a bookshelf that has a locked compartment.

The last thing you want when you send your child to college is to worry about their safety and well-being. The safety items listed will keep your college student safe and relieve any stress you may have.




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