5 Ways to Prepare For a Storm

Any kind of storm, from thunderstorms to blizzards to tornados, can knock your home’s power out. Make sure you get prepared now so you are ready for whenever it could happen. Read on for 5 ways to prepare your home for the next storm to hit your area.

Make a Plan

Discuss a plan and decide on meeting points with everyone in your household. This will reduce stress when the time actually comes to act during a storm. A storm, especially when the power goes out, can cause chaos when everyone may be unsure what to do. Having a designated meeting point can reduce this chaos and allow for you to check that everyone is safe.

Light Source

When the power goes out during a storm, attempting to navigate around the house can cause injuries. Keeping flashlights in different areas throughout the house will help you find your way to a safe space or help you turn the power back on. When the power goes out you want to have a flashlight you can rely on such as a Fenix flashlight. Fenix flashlights are reliable and high powered, so you can rely on them to illuminate your space well when the time comes. Although most phones have flashlights, they are not as strong as high quality flashlights, and this will cause you to run your phone battery out.

Have Supplies

Once you have a designated spot to go to during a storm, such as a basement, you should stock up this part of the house with water and non-perishables. You never know how long the power will be out for and it could be long enough to cause the food in your fridge to go bad. Keeping non-perishables around the house will come in handy for these instances. You may also not be able to go upstairs to get water so having water in your safe spot will also come in handy. Keep a first-aid kit or other medical supplies around in case someone gets injured during the storm. 

Trim Trees

Before going into storm season, make sure the branches on trees surrounding your house are trimmed. Trimming trees could prevent a branch from damaging your roof or breaking a window. This is also a good time to have someone remove any dead trees on your property that could fall during a storm. 

Secure Your House

After checking on your yard, check the safety of your house. You want to make sure that all the windows are secure and there are no leakages anywhere. The last thing you want is to cause damage to your house that you could have easily prevented from happening by fixing up your house. 

We hope these ways help you get ready for the next storm that hits your area, whenever that may be. Preparing for a storm allows for you, your family, and your home to get through the storm as easily and safely as possible. Don’t wait until the next storm rolls around only to regret not being ready for it. 




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