5 Present Ideas for New Grads

With graduation ceremonies in full swing, students are getting ready to say goodbye to their universities and colleges. Leaving school is a scary first step for young people, and whether they decide to try for work or continue further education, they’re going to be uncertain of their futures even if they’re excited about it. If you know someone who will be graduating this summer, here is a list of the top 5  presents that would be appreciated by a new grad.

1. Money

This present is the go-to for a reason: adults need money, especially when they’re just starting out. Whether you choose to give the grad a check, cash, or an Amazon gift card, money is always an appreciated present.

2. A Slow Cooker or Instant Pot

If your grad will be, or has been, living on their own, a slow cooker or instant pot is a good present to gift if you know they don’t have one. They’ll likely be busy trying to find work, starting grad school, or working long shifts, and having something in the kitchen that can help them save money and eat healthy is a good thing.

3. Professional Clothes

A lot of grads have trouble looking for and affording clothes in the first place, and they’ll need a good set of professional clothes now that they’ll be entering the workforce. Whether you offer your grad a shopping spree, give them a gift card to a store, or buy the clothes yourself (which I don’t recommend), helping them begin their professional wardrobe will be extremely helpful.

4. A New Computer

Very few students use only pen and paper for notes anymore, and even if your grad did do that, everyone needs a computer in this day and age. That being said, computers are pricey, and if you can afford to help your grad out with a computer, that might be a great present idea. Most people use laptops now, and stopping by a computer store to figure out the best laptop for your grad is always an option.

5. A Piece of Luggage

Your grad is probably going to be doing some traveling in the near future– they might have to travel for work, travel to visit their family and friends, or maybe they’ll just need a vacation after the mess that was school. Whatever the case may be, treat them to a nice backpack (pick one up at an outdoors store and try to make sure it’s not top-loading; I like the Osprey Farpoint line) or a wheeled bag so that they can have something other than their schoolbag to use. If you know they’ll be traveling on planes, try to make sure that the luggage fits the carry-on dimensions of the most popular airlines.




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