3 Reasons to Consider Japan As Your Next Family Holiday Destination

Not your usual family destination, Japan can be full of surprises and can be an unforgettable family trip, leaving you with plenty of great memories. If you’re looking for luxury Japan holidays but don’t know where to start with putting it together, then you can get some great holiday tours, with providers such as Abercrombie and Kent. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting it all together yourself, which can help take away some of the stress.

It’s Futuristic

It’s a country known for being futuristic and pushing the boundaries of technology. If you have kids who are into technology, science or just like to be wowed with unseen gadgets that we don’t have at home.

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From interactive vending machines, that can dispense anything from food to gadgets to advanced robots, like the one located in the Honda welcome plaza. ASIMO, the most advanced humanoid robot in the world will be sure to impress every member of the family.

Easy to Get Around

One of the concerns you may have when taking a family trip is getting around, especially if you have slightly younger children and have prams or strollers to deal with. However, Japan is a lot easier to get around than you might think. Japan has one of the fastest trains in the world, travelling approximately three times the speed of your average passenger train, taking the train can really help you cut down on travel times. Used daily by millions, the Japanese rail system is easy to use and extremely efficient.

The Culture

As futuristic as Japan is, it’s still a country filled with traditional culture, with its rich history there’s plenty you can explore, and you won’t run out of things to discover. There are lots of traditional sights to explore, including temples and gardens which are beautiful and sure to take your breath away. The Kotoku-in Temple is one of the most famous landmarks which features the Great Buddha, so it’s well worth a visit. There are certain times of the year where some things are more popular, so it’s always worth checking when the best time to visit is.




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