5 Interesting or Not Things About Me

I am trying to take part of the NaBloPoMo March 2014 Prompts and also #SITSblogging prompts in March 2014. So, you hopefully will see a whole bunch of posts that interest you this month.

I have no clue where to start to tell you five things about myself that you probably don’t already know from reading my blog over the past three years. If you’re new like most of you are, then this will interest you. If you’re not, please feel free to add anything about me that you find interesting in the comments (I’d really love to know what makes me interesting!)
NaBloPoMo March 2014

1)   I love to use different fonts in everything I do. I could play with fonts and writing things all day long if I got paid to do it. I actually can physically write Calligraphy style writing. I was doing it long before others saw how easy it is to do. (I even had the special pens too.)

2)  I hardly EVER watched TV until I was 20 years old. The most TV I watched was when I was visiting my Dad growing up. Nine times out of ten you saw me at school, work, or on my horse/bike or walking/running in the great outdoors. I was only permitted two hours of TV a week growing up, and honestly hardly ever took it because I never got wrapped up in anything major. I did sneak to watch movies with friends, but unless they insisted on doing that it wasn’t something that we did.

3)   I drove well over 100 miles per hour almost everywhere I went from the time I got my licenses until my son was born. After that, going over 85-90 tends to make me extremely nervous. Now that my daughter is here, going over 85 is not something I take lightly, and have even kept my husband from doing it when I’m in the car. I laugh about it, but I praise God that I never killed anyone or got anymore damaged than I am from my irresponsible and selfish reckless driving days.

4)  I long to spend time writing a book, but feel like I have way too many irons in a fire to even attempt it. Plus even if I did, I am not sure what would really be worth reading. However, I have many and I mean many ideas floating in my head.

On that same note, I have ¾ of my Mom’s book that she never got to finish that I think is a totally amazing piece of work that needs major editing and a finished part to it, but I feel it will one day be a best seller if I can ever get the help I need to fix it. (The bad thing is it’s all on paper and I have to figure out how in the hang to get it in order and then typed up and attempt to edit it first before anyone can really help me!) So, if I ever get excess time on my hands (which will probably be in 14-18 years provided I live that long) I’ll be definitely tackling those two big tasks because I’ve longed to do them for far too long!

5.) I love the act of learning new things, but I don’t really like the act of doing those new things. I’m a lover of being the student or the teacher. “They say those who can’t do it teach it.” I always thought that statement came from them not actually being able to do it. Now I see it’s more like we just don’t want to do it because it’s far too much fun to teach it and learn something new along the way.


Tell me five things about yourself that you find interesting. Or if you have been reading my blog long enough (or want to go snooping for something to tell me) tell me something you find interesting about me. (It’s always fun to find out what others have to say about you even when it’s negative stuff because then you know how you can grow to be a better person.) 


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