4 Signs You Should Be Looking for a New Job

Thinking it is time for a career change? Chances are you really dislike heading into work day in day out, but knowing what to look out for before you hand in your notice and start afresh will help you to decide if you are simply in the wrong job, career or need a new challenge.

So how can you identify if you should be retraining for a new career?

You Values and That of Your Company No Longer Align

You should always have pride about what you do or where you work regardless of what it is. If the thought of telling people who you work for and what you do makes you inwardly cringe or even avoid telling people altogether, then do you really want to waste more time working for them? If the company you work for has a viewpoint or ethics you disagree with, it is with asking how long you should really stay working there for and look to find a new job or even career that you feel more comfortable with.

You Are Actively Looking for A New Job

If you find yourself searching the job listings or even looking for places on training courses or further education to retrain in a new career, then what is stopping you from acting on it. If you are passionate enough to be looking in the first place, all you need is to find a reason not to follow through on your enquiries. Whether you are searching for open jobs in urology or for places in medical school to retrain, ask yourself what is it that is driving you to look for new job roles and what is holding you back?

You Are Always Complaining

If you are noticing you have become that person in work, there must be a reason. If you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your job role, it is probably high time you headed on out and into a new position or new career. Once your job role starts to affect your personality and others are noticing how unhappy you are regardless of how vocal you may or may not be, punishing yourself by staying will ultimately be the worst-case scenario.

Your Concentration and Focus is Elsewhere

It really doesn’t matter where ‘elsewhere’ is, but if your mind isn’t on the job at hand, you should be looking at working where your mind is. Life is too short to stay in a job role that is harming your life. We’re not talking about up and quitting on a whim, but putting measures in place to redirect your energy and focus to something more worthwhile for you personally is a step in the right direction. Forcing yourself to stick with a job that makes you unhappy will have implications across all areas of your life, not just how you perform at work.




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