The Baby Honeymoon Stage is Over

I have determined that Zeva’s grand arrival thrill has finally winded down for me personally. I’ve been taking care of her 75% of the time since she’s been born. Today, I reached the point of wanting a break to have ME time. However, I no sooner got finished cooking dinner for my men, and I was itching to have her back with me. I was griping the entire time I was cooking thinking that my hubby hasn’t had his share of taking care of our daughter. Then, after I got done cooking and my school work, I couldn’t wait to have her back with ME.

In my husband’s defense…he’s been working, and he’s done a lot of rearranging and even more wonderful changes in our home, and his own school work. He DOES take the night shift for me to ensure I get as much sleep as I possibly can. He does look like he’s exhausted, and I’ve been able to practically run around all day due to having the energy to do it. That is thanks to the fact that I get to have more than an hours worth of sleep at a time thanks to him taking the night shift. So, if I had to choose between him taking her more during the day or him taking the night shift so I can sleep….I believe I’ll choose him getting the night shift.

I tried to give him the chance to take a nap today, but unfortunately, people wouldn’t leave him alone and let him sleep like I wanted. I hope he gets to sleep some tonight. We’re hoping to go to bed early since Zeva does sleep a good bit when we’re use to doing other things (like our school work, house work, and other things for us.)

However, Zeva’s officially feels a part of the family now, and her newness is GONE. Now we just need to get a solid routine going of who is going to do what. Del and I already have the rule of after the 2:30AM shift, it gets switched over to me. He already ensures I have the chance to soak in a tub as needed. I just hope that Del can get what he needs as well.

Zeva is growing so quickly. She’s already almost out of her newborn size clothes.
I’m almost back into the next size down of clothes. 🙂 That will mean I only have 4 more sizes worth of clothes to get through. I’m not going to rush it because I want to lose it and have it STAY OFF this time. I could literally push myself to the max and get it off quickly, but the chances are very HIGH it would all come back on because I hadn’t made the proper changes to ensure the weight stays off.
My class is driving me up the wall. I will be utterly glad when this eight weeks is over with.
Oh how much better my life has been since I got a laptop. It has been extremely helpful being able to do things on the go. 🙂 It allows me to multitask so much better. I do declare I feel like I’m running on a natural high lately. I use to have it all the time, and it allowed me to spin circles around others around me. It feels so good to have this back. I’ve noticed when I don’t take my iron medicine that the doctor gave me, I lose that natural high. So, I guess my iron intake makes a huge difference for me. 🙂
Plus Zeva kicked my hormones back into place. At least that’s the way it feels. 🙂
Well, I’ve rambled enough. I hope this finds everyone having a good day. 🙂 Day 4, and still on track. Last night was hard, but I managed to get through it.




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