3 Great Hostess Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Wine!)

The best way to make sure you’re a great house guest is to show up with something for the host and hostess! While not always required, bringing something to a party shows that you care about the hosts and those in attendance. You don’t have to break the bank to impress your hosts, either—a small gesture goes a long way! Here are 3 ideas for great host and hostess gifts that are a bit better than bringing the usual bottle of wine to the party.


If you know that your hosts like tea, then consider bringing them a premium version of one of their favourite flavours. An easy one is matcha! A lot of people love matcha, and you can easily go into a David’s Tea or other tea speciality store to purchase a small tin of tea as a gift.

Bath Products

If you know that your hosts have a bath tub (some of us only have showers, you know!), treating them to some bath goodies might be a nice way of showing thanks! Bath salts, bath bombs, specialty soaps, and bubble bars are only a few ideas you can think about for this sort of present. Don’t limit yourself to Lush, either! Visiting stores like Home Sense and Marshalls will allow you to find bath goodies that you won’t be able to find in other stores, so they’re always worth a visit!


Some hosts are well-known for loving board games, and if that’s the case, help them build their collection! Bringing them a board game or party game shows you appreciate their hobbies, and that you’re willing to join in the fun! Stay away from buying actual video games, though, because gamers may have the exact copy of the game you’re thinking of grabbing.



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