2 Delicious Christmas Cocktails for Your Holiday Party

Christmas is coming closer and closer, and I’m already getting holiday party invitations! I’m not hosting any parties myself, but I love mixing drinks and am usually put on bartending duty at most parties I go to. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas cocktails, they can be made pretty easily, and you’ll probably have most of what you need for them in the house already because tis the season. Whether you like fruity flavours or chocolate, you’re sure to love one of these cocktails!

White Chocolate Martini

This martini is great for any winter party, and isn’t so Christmassy that you can’t enjoy it at parties in January or November. It’s rich and chocolatey, and easy to mix in a cocktail shaker! All you need for this are 2 ounces each of your favourite white chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka, and an ounce of white crème de cacao. To make it richer, add in 1 ounce of cream or half-and-half. Put everything into a shaker with ice, give it a good shake, in pour into a martini glass rimmed with sugar.

Red Berry Bourbon Cocktail

Take 2 ounces of cranberry or strawberry juice, 2 ounces of bourbon, and ½ ounce of rosemary simple syrup (jus boil a cup of water and sugar together with a few sprigs of rosemary, and stir until the sugar dissolves after 5 minutes), and a splash of lime juice and pour everything into a glass. Stir everything together and serve with ice.



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