3 Easy-To-Grow Succulents for Your Home

Here’s a secret: I have a degree in plant science, but I struggle to keep plants alive at home! I was always really embarrassed about that, since I could always identify plant problems for other people, and offer advice that helped their gardens grow nicely, but in my own life I could barely keep plants alive. Well, that’s not true… I could keep herbs and vegetables alive, but the more ornamental plants like orchids and roses had no chance. I’m better about it now, but I still try to only beginner-friendly plants at home so I don’t feel too bad about myself. My boyfriend and I have a cat, and back at my family’s house we have a feisty little fox terrier, so it’s important to both of us that we only keep plants that aren’t toxic to either dogs or cats, and I was happy to find out that succulents fit all my criteria! They’re stunning and so minimalist, and fit seamlessly into any sort of décor, and I haven’t killed any yet! Here are three of my favourite easy-to-grow succulents, and I hope that you manage to raise these little babies well too.


This is one of my absolute favourite plants, and you can get it in so many different colours, including a lovely muted blue. These little things are very easy to take care of, you just have to pop them into an unglazed clay pot with proper drainage, and use a potting soil specially made for cacti and succulents. These plants need full sun, and only need to be watered once the soil dries up completely and fed every 3-4 weeks ; in the winter, reduce watering substantially and stop feeding your plant. Perfect for the forgetful gardener!

Zebra Plants

These little guys are also some of my favourites, they’re gorgeous and small and I love their patterns! They come in two varieties, but both of them are easy to look after at home. Like the echeveria, these plants need full sun, proper watering and feeding only during the growth season, and in the winter they only need to be watered once the soil is completely dried out. I love popping these in pots that I paint white, and top the soil with little pebbles for a decorative touch.

Aloe Vera

My mother refuses to call a house a home until she has several aloe plants somewhere that the pets can’t reach, because aloe is toxic to cats and dogs if they eat it. I’m including it in this list because it is ridiculously easy to look after, since you just need to keep it in full sun and water it during its growing season when the leaves look like they’re drying up. You can break of bits of aloe and use the gel to help with skin irritations, and to help encourage hair growth—but I know some people who grow aloe and use it to make drinks with! These things can get pretty big with proper care, so you may end up with a hefty aloe plant on your hands!



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