15 Best Blogs to Follow About Online Trading

It is a captivating concept nowadays, when many people are eager to sample a market that they have never before acknowledged as accessible, for a person to engage in the financial stock market trading processes you may have heard the phrase ‘CFD Trading’. Contrary to the past, when this was a process by which a select few with the right access managed to enrich themselves that way, such trades are now port of an income portfolio for a much wider public.

Because markets are healthier when they democratically involve more participants, it has been the idea of a few of the brightest folks that there are, for example at CMC Markets, to make the whole Spread and CFD trading process fully transparent, by making just about the most sensible thing since the introduction of the web around 1995: put the whole toolset online, for anyone to access at their own convenience, even via a smartphone, so you can get alerts in a truly real-time fashion.


An individual’s personal blog of an experienced trader, sharing long-form content based around strategy and mind-hacks in regards to Forex trading. Doesn’t share his full name, but claims to be the first on the market to introduce not just one, but actually several unique strategies and approaches. This is some material you can even print-out and archive as a handbook.


There is some personal approach apparent here as well, as this is a blog of two people, who actually proudly share their names. In contrast to the first blog that is listed here, with Kathy Lien you’ll learn more about the month-to-month impact of global events on the values of currency and stocks, meaning that this is a more real-time resource to keep in your RSS reader and bookmarks bar.


Mixing both the approach of current news and long standing advice, this blog has an impressive archive of content, going back some years. If you manage to read it all, perhaps you yourself could start to see the patterns emerging on the topic of how forex trading evolves.


Very short, matter-of fact financial forex happenings, summed up in a few words, without nice introductions, or opinions. It is also divided by categories of trade, which makes it easy to just skim-read quickly on the go.


Somewhat uniquely, a blog belonging to a company that has more of a psychological and motivational spin to it. At first you may think that they offer advice similar in nature to the first blog on here, but actually they focus on training your analytical skills, and relieving stress for example, so that you feel just right in body and mind when you are placing your bets.


Gives you current state-of-the-market news with a little bit of useful context as to what had led to the present situation in a certain market. It is always good to have a wider perspective on things you know.


On the more sensationalist side of things, we have this blog for you, which while providing accurate news on the topic of finance, nevertheless manages to make you smile with its very honest approach.


Generally avoids current events, and like the fourth blog in this list, gives you a whole load of practical, enlightening advice for those who are less experienced in this area. Then you can also get it all in a book from them.


Focuses on news, but with a spin that tells you how to interpret what’s going on and what to watch out for specifically.


British, rather than American, this site describes more what is it like to be the person that makes trading and financial decision at a high ranking institution?


Dubs itself as ‘the’ blog of all blogs on forex trading. It has a broad appeal, because it offers an eye catching structure of subheadings, and produces mostly to-the-point, you-need-to-know listicles like this one we’re writing right here.


Although it offers very subjective opinions, that sometimes appear weeks later after an event has happened, the articles go in-depth, and you should never miss the interview section where other forex traders speak out about their craft.


Features a lot of helpful graphs, but it is not strictly easy to understand. For experienced traders only!


Provides a fresh face to the area of forex trading blogs by focusing on unconventional markets to invest in and fresh ideas to keep in mind, that you would never normally think are actually great opportunities for forex traders in particular.


A final blog on this list is, like the first one, very personal, but offers complete strategies for trading that I also recommend you print on a fresh piece of paper and stick it to your desk, so that you can always remind yourself of the process, because even the best of us sometimes forget stuff.

This is indeed enough to give you a taste of what is this whole trading sector actually made of.




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